Dog bites IShowSpeed in the face after he barks at it during South Korea stream

Virginia Glaze

Streaming star IShowSpeed was bitten in the face by a dog after barking at it during a broadcast in South Korea.

IShowSpeed is currently in the middle of his trip to South Korea — a journey that has already seen a number of hijinks go viral across social media.

However, the latest moment from his travels abroad is sparking equal parts concern and laughter among viewers after he received an injury on stream.

During a night out on the town in South Korea, a woman approached Speed holding a small, white dog in her arms. In regular Speed fashion, the streamer began barking at the pup, and even put his face right up to the animal, sniffing it aggressively.

Although the dog kept its cool up until this point, it reacted to Speed getting up close and personal by biting him in the face, sending the streamer reeling backward.

“Ah, sh*t!” he yelled as his buddies laughed in the background. “It just f*cking bit me!”

The streamer then retaliated by loudly barking at the dog even more and beating his chest before retreating, revealing that his nose was bleeding due to the injury.

The woman holding the dog asked if Speed was alright — to which he joked that he would be “suing” her, but quickly admitted that he was just “trolling.”

“It was my fault,” he admitted. “You’re okay.”

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Luckily, it seems that Speed is healthy… but viewers don’t seem too sympathetic to the broadcaster, with one commenter saying he “deserved” it.

“What did he expect, taunting a dog like that?” one user wrote on Twitter/X.

“The dog didn’t let that slide,” another said.

The dog gave IShowSpeed a bite on the nose, drawing a little bit of blood.

This is just the latest wild moment to happen during Speed’s trip to South Korea. In fact, the YouTube star was apprehended by the country’s military when he tried to stream at the border of North Korea, and officers even confiscated his streaming setup to make sure he didn’t show anything to his viewers.

That’s not all; Speed also went viral after convincing a group of women that he was KSI, imitating the YouTuber’s British accent in a hilarious interaction.

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