WoW Dragonflight players love Dragonriding so much they want more from Blizzard

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WoW Dragonflight players are calling for Blizzard to make Dragonriding even more accessible after lauding it as “best feature in a decade.”

The game’s latest expansion dropped on November 28, releasing at different times across the world and putting some strain on the servers.

As seen in the WoW Dragonflight patch notes, a new Evoker class, world quests, as well as Dragonriding have all been added to the game.

The latter allows players to move around in a way very different from previous expansions and people are so happy with it, it has been named the best addition in years. So much so, in fact, fans would like to see it stretched across other map locations.

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WoW Dragonriding lauded as “best feature” in a decade

A post on the World of Warcraft Reddit page shows the popularity of the game’s latest feature, which allows them to take to the skies with a dragon.

Not only is it a fast way to move from A to B in the Dragon Isles, but it’s also one of the most fun methods of travel, too.

It reads: “Blizzard, PLEASE allow Dragonriding in older zones. It’s the best feature this game has seen in over a decade.”

One fan replied: “From the interviews, it seems that it’s at least being considered. I’m sure they didn’t want to devote resources to making a feature that could flop an evergreen one across the board. I do however hope as a system they decide to bring it to older zones.”

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Another said: “I’m really enjoying it so far, and I imagine it gets even better once the full talent tree is unlocked.”

Based on developer comments in the past, it appears sustained popularity surrounding the feature could tempt them into opening it up for other zones.

The community has had an early say, of course, though nothing has been given the official green light at the time of writing.