WoW Burning Crusade Classic Sunwell Plateau: Release date & how to get to entrance in TBC

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world of warcraft wow tbc classic burning crusade sunwell plateau raid boss Kil'jaedenBlizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic has added yet another fan-favorite raid for WoW players to relive, Sunwell Plateau; but how do you get to the entrance of TBC’s 25-man masterpiece, and what attunements do you need?

As WoW TBC Classic continues to unleash the hordes of the Burning Legion into Azeroth, yet another raid has thrown open its doors to those mighty enough to challenge it.

We’ve seen Zul’aman, the Black Temple, and Mount Hijal all return to the game‘s ever-expanding universe, but the all-new (yet familiar) Sunwell Plateau brings the iconic 25-man raid back to life.

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Characterized by its High Elven architecture, this stunning new battlefield may look glorious, but it houses creatures that are intent on tearing you limb from limb. Think you’re up to the challenge? Here’s Sunwell Plateau’s release date in WoW TBC Classic, as well as how to get to the entrance, and what level you’ll need to attain.


world of warcraft wow tbc classic burning crusade sunwell plateau raidBlizzard Entertainment
The halls of Sunwell Plateau may look gorgeous, but untold danger lurks within.

WoW TBC Classic: Sunwell Plateau release date

Sunwell Plateau made its WoW TBC Classic debut on May 12, 2022, throwing open the doors to its hallowed halls once more.

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How to get to Sunwell Plateau entrance WoW TBC Classic

Located on the once tranquil haven of the Isle of Quel’Danas in the Eastern Kingdoms, players will need to be Level 70 to traverse this once-proud High Elf sanctuary. The area is accessible via the portal in Shattrath City.

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world of warcraft wow burning crusade tbc classi sunwell plateau entranceBlizzard Entertainment
Despite its beauty, horrors lurk within these once elegant halls.

Sunwell Plateau raid attunement & difficulty

While Sunwell Plateau is TBC’s hardest raid instance, there is no raid attunement necessary. Instead, you simply need to be in a raid group.

Unlike in the original version, all six bosses will be available from the start of the raid in the following order:

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  • Kalecgos
  • Brutallus
  • Felmyst
  • The Eredar Twins
  • M’uru
  • Kil’jaeden

Kil’jaeden also drops the Legendary bow, Thori’dal, the Stars’ Fury, but be aware it has a meager 7% drop rate.

So that’s how to get to Sunwell Plateau in WoW TBC Classic, as well as what lies in store for you. Looking to etch yourself into Azeroth’s extensive history? Be sure to check out our other WoW guides:

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