Best WoW Classic healer classes for dungeons and raids

Kamil Malinowski

There are nine different classes in World of Warcraft Classic and they can take on different roles – tank, healer, and damage dealer. Each class has unique strengths and weaknesses, but which class is the best healer?

Healers are one of the most important roles in the game, they keep their group members alive through a vast arsenal of healing spells and provide useful utility with various support spells.

At least one healer is needed for any dungeon group meanwhile raid groups can take up to 12 healers depending on the raid. With so many healers being needed it’s important to know which ones are the best to take with you, so here is our list of the best healer classes in WoW Classic.

1. Holy Priest

BlizzardHoly Priests are widely considered to be the best healer in WoW Classic.

Holy Priests are the best healer class in WoW Classic as they provide the strongest healing, and are able to bring a little bit of everything to the group.

The key strength of the Priests healing is that they can heal both single allies and small groups of allies without using too much mana, something most other classes can’t do.

Also, Priests provide powerful support spells that can increase their allies’ stamina and spirit, as well as give them extra spell power and protect them with a magical shield. With all this combined, they are undoubtedly the best healer.

2. Holy Paladin

BlizzardPaladins have access to powerful blessings.

Holy Paladins are the second-best healers in the game. Their healing spells are powerful but fall short of the Priest, and they aren’t able to heal groups of allies.

However, they do provide incredibly strong support spells, known as ‘blessings’. These spells are some of the strongest support spells in the game as they can fit every classes needs and provide important stat boosts like extra attack power and mana regeneration.

So, while Paladins are not the best, they are still definitely worth bringing thanks to their blessings. Although they are only available to the Alliance, meanwhile Horde have access to the next healer on this list, the Shaman.

3. Restoration Shaman

BlizzardShamans are able to support allies with powerful totems.

Restoration Shamans are not too far behind Paladins, and it could even be argued that the classes should be tied for second place.

Similarly to Paladins, Shamans healing spells are weaker than Priests, but they provide excellent support. They make use of ‘totems’ to give their group members various benefits, and with a multitude of different totems being available to the class, they can help in practically any situation.

Totems can improve damage, survivability, and more which helps make Shamans a strong choice on the Horde side of the battle.

4. Restoration Druid

BlizzardDruids are masters of healing over time abilities.

Last but not least are Restoration Druids, they are the weakest healers in the game, but still provide fairly useful healing and strong support.

Druids healing is different from other classes, most of their spells heal over time rather than instantly after casting. However, in WoW Classic there is a limit on the number of beneficial effects a character can have, which means these spells are not used in raids.

The class can still provide solid healing with one of its spells, but its main strengths are the support spells it provides. Druids can increase all of their allies’ stats, and help their allies rapidly regenerate mana. They are still useful, but not many are brought along to raids.

These are the best healer classes for WoW Classic. Priest are all around the best healer, however, every class has a unique benefit and are worth grouping up with. If you’re forming a raid group to take on the Molten Core or Onyxia’s lair, it’s always a good idea to bring at least one of each class.