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How to find each Alliance and Horde auction house in WoW Classic

Published: 3/Sep/2019 0:21 Updated: 1/Dec/2020 20:56

by Bill Cooney


Most World of Warcraft players know that the Auction Houses are where you go to make some serious cash, or to score the best gear, but finding them can be tricky for new players and those coming back after a number of years for WoW Classic.

The Auction House (AH) is a market in WoW that allows players to trade items with other players for money, or purchase the items themselves. Players can put items up for sale, where they’ll remain until sold to another player.

If they don’t sell, the items are returned to players by mail. The AH can be especially helpful for leveling professions, because you can find and buy hard to farm materials, or materials you’re unable to gather in the first place.

All auction houses in WoW Classic are linked, which means you will have access to items put up for sale by any player, whether they’re for the Horde or Alliance.

Each faction has three main Auction Houses in their big cities, and there are also three neutral Auction Houses located in shared territory.

Below are maps and locations for the Alliance and Horde auction houses:

Alliance Auction House Locations


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The Darnassus Auction House is the first that most Night Elf players will have access to. It’s located on the north end of the Tradesman’s Terrace, right beside the water. It’s an open building with two levels, with auctioneers on each.


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Ironforge has it’s Auction House right by the main gate in the Commons. Players have to walk into the Commons, then turn around to find the AH on the same side of the bridges as the gate.

Stormwind City

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Stormwind’s Auction House is located in the west part of the Trade District. As you enter the city from the main gates, it’s one of the buildings directly in front of you.

Horde Auction House Locations


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If you’re coming from the Durotar entrance, the Auction House will be on your right just as you walk into the city on the east side of the Valley of Strength.

Thunder Bluff

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The Auctioneers are located on the lower rise in two different tents, just below the Wind Rider tower, which makes it convenient for a quick stop between questing for Horde players.

The Undercity

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Finally, we come to The Undercity, which is the first Auction House that most Undead players will run into. Auctioneers are located on platforms on the inside of the largest ring in the middle of the city, as marked on the map.

Neutral Auction Houses

There are three different locations in shared zones around Azeroth where players can access the Auction system as well.

Three Auctioneers call Booty Bay home, one by the bank, another by the inn on the lowest level and the third to the north of the other two sitting on some boxes.

Auctioneer Beardo can be found in Gadgetzan, on the first building to the right when you go into the city from the south entrance.

In Winterspring, Auctioneer Grizzlin can be found in the building with the big telescope on top of it in Everlook, right along with the bank.

World of Warcraft

How to get the Dreamsong Heart in WoW Shadowlands

Published: 1/Dec/2020 16:43

by Lauren Bergin


The new expansion World of Warcraft, Shadowlands, has brought with it a whole host of new treasures and items for WoW players to find. One of these is the Dreamsong Warglave found in the Dreamsong Heart, and here’s how to get it. 

World of Warcraft has always been renowned for having pretty cool items. Shadowlands has extended the game’s already impressive item collection, adding enchanted chests all throughout Ardenwald as well as introducing new, highly sought after items to the game.

One of these is the Dreamsong Heart, an item chest that holds the Dreamsong Warglave, has become one of Ardenwald’s most valuable loot containers. The Warglave is a Level 155 item, and offer everything from increased stamina to versatility.

It’s a tough one to get your hands on though, but here’s an easy guide on how to get to the Dreamsong Heart.

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The Dreamsong Heart is found in the heart of Ardenweald.

How to get to the Dreamsong Heart

As you might expect, the item is located in Dreamsong Fenn. Here you’ll find the huge magical tree which you will have to scale in order to reach your prize.

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Here’s how you do just that:

  • Head to Dreamsong, specifically the Starlit Overlook area.
  • At the foot of the tree, look for the ‘bounding shroom’ just underneath a large branch.
  • Interact with the mushroom and it will propel you upwards to the top of the tree.
  • Land on the tree and follow the thin branch along (don’t fall!) to claim the Dreamsong Warglave.
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To get to the Heart you have to pass this balance test!

So go ahead and give it a try! Not only do you get a super rare item, you get the chance to climb that huge tree that’s been looming over you all game. Even if the item isn’t necessarily worth it, the unique view certainly is.