WoW player calls for iconic dungeon to become next Season of Discovery raid

James Lynch
The Blackrock Depths entry on the Best Dungeons list in Season of Discovery

The nature of World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery leaves it open to requests from the game’s community. Now, players are calling for one of Classic WoW’s most legendary dungeons to become its next centerpiece raid.

The phased leveling system in Season of Discovery necessitated a number of changes to the game. Chief among those was providing experiences for the end of each Phase. This meant new activities at Level 25 & 40, with 50 & 60 left to come in the future.

For PvE players, the developer provided 10-man raid adaptations of beloved dungeons. In Phase One, players were able to conquer the caverns of Blackfathom Deeps, before Phase Two brought parties to the vast mechanical halls of Gnomeregan.

Now, players are looking to the future, and some think they have found the ideal next location – Blackrock Depths.

Blackrock Depths is one of WoW’s most iconic dungeon settings

In a post that attracted a significant number of upvotes on Reddit, one player shared their belief that Blackrock Depths should play host to the next 10-man raid adaptation in Season of Discovery.

Dexerto recently voted Blackrock Depths the greatest World of Warcraft dungeon ever. Among stiff competition, it has the perfect blend of beautiful scenery, memorable encounters and fun gameplay.

Though the voting would suggest that the opinion is clearly a popular one, not everyone agreed. In fact, many thought the opposite, citing BRD’s existing quality as the very reason that it doesn’t need revamping in Season of Discovery.

One said: “The dungeons that should be raids are the ones that need life breathing into them. Not ones that are already amazing. ST should be the pick.”

Another claimed it’s actually too long in its current form, saying: “BRD would be a good choice if they wanted to turn it into multiple raids. Would be a bit long even in its current state to the other new raids we have had.”

What Blizzard has planned for later phases is a closely guarded secret. Whether BRD is on their radar in Season of Discovery remains to be seen.