WoW Burning Crusade Classic Zul’Aman: Release date & how to get to entrance in TBC

world of warcraft wow tbc burning crusade classic zul'jin boss zul'aman raidBlizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft‘s sister title, WoW Burning Crusade Classic, has added the Zul’Aman raid to TBC. So, here’s a rundown of its release date and how to get to the temple’s entrance.

Nestled amid the emerald forests of the gold-tinted Zandalari Empire lies Zul’Aman, the next all-new yet somewhat familiar raid to be added to World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic.

A once proud capital overgrown by vines and dominated by monsters, players will be able to dive back into this iconic location as a ten-man stack. While thankfully it isn’t the most challenging raid in the game, it’s not without its dangers, with the likes of the fearsome Halazzi and Zul’jin just waiting to tear your hero asunder.

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Excited to dive back into this gorgeous jungle paradise? Here’s how to get to Zul’Aman in WoW TBC Classic, as well as its official release date.


world of warcraft wow tbc burning crusade classic zul'aman raidBlizzard Entertainment
The jungle beckons; will you heed its call?

WoW TBC Classic: Zul’Aman release date

Zul’Aman released in WoW TBC Classic on March 22, allowing players to dive into the mystical world of this forgotten tropical temple as soon as it was announced.

How to get to Zul’Aman in WoW TBC Classic

The Aztec-inspired world of Zul’Aman is located in the southeastern part of the Ghostlands, but in order to access it, there are a few quests you’ll need to complete first.

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In order to participate in the quests, you must be Level 70. Head to the Lower City in Shattrath and speak to Griftah in order to start your descent into the jungle:

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Number Quest
1 Ohhhh, shinies!
2 Promises promises…
3 Marks… Your doom!
4 Hex Lord? Hah!

You can also undertake a series of quests just outside of Zul’Aman itself to gain access to the raid, with 75 silver and one less step being the only difference. Speak to Prigmon in the Hatchet Hills to start this chain:

Number Quest
1 Tuskin’ Raiders
2 A Troll Among Trolls
3 Playin’ With Dolls

Raid Attunement for Zul’Aman

As Zul’Aman was designed to be a more accessible raid for those who can’t spend hours grinding in WoW, there is no Raid Attunement for Zul’Aman. This means all you need to do is complete one of the above quest sets; nothing more.

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It still offers better loot, however, than Karazhan, the other non-Attundement raid, so of the two we’d recommend running Zul’Aman.

So that’s how to get to Zul’Aman in WoW Burning Crusade Classic, as well as when it was initially released. Looking to etch your name into Azeroth’s extensive history books? Be sure to check out our other WoW Classic guides:

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