WoW: Season of Discovery Sunken Temple finally beaten but devs say changes are on the way

James Lynch

Phase 3 of World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery is here, and players are taking on some of the new challenges the game has to offer. One of those is the new endgame raid Sunken Temple, with the adaptation now beaten by an intrepid group of players.

EU Wild Growth guild “none of the above” became the first to complete the new raid, full clearing with their competitors still stuck on 6/8. The group largely relied on spellcasters, with the full composition clocking in at 9 Mages, 3 Hunters and 2 Warlocks.

This phase sees the raid built for 20 players, rather than the 10 of previous tiers in Season of Discovery. This has seemingly led to a slight overtuning of the encounters in Sunken Temple on the part of the developer, with everyone aside from none of the above yet to complete a full run.

This is something that the Classic Team is aware of. Senior Game Producer Josh Greenfield took to Twitter/X to hail the success of Phase 3’s launch, while promising some Sunken Temple tweaks designed to make the raid more approachable for the “average Joes.”

Greenfield also said that it’s “kinda nice” to see a Classic WoW raid stay undefeated for a while. Ever since the original Classic was released in 2019, many players have become better at the game and far more knowledgeable about where to find good gear and items, making some of these raid tiers a relative breeze.

Not so in Season of Discovery’s Sunken Temple, where many players succumb to its denizens long before meeting the Avatar of Hakkar at the end. What exactly the tweaks will look like is unclear for now, but there will likely be reductions to the impressive health pools of bosses.

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