Asmongold reveals one major mistake he wants Blizzard to avoid with next WoW expansion

Alex Tsiaoussidis

Asmongold revealed one major mistake he wants Blizzard to avoid in the next World of Warcraft expansion — implementing a new system with obvious problems and not fixing it.

Asmon played WoW long before he was one of the biggest stars on Twitch. A lot has changed for him since then, but one thing that hasn’t is his tendency to criticize the game when he feels like it’s warranted.

For example, after hearing about the upcoming expansion, the next in a long line throughout the franchise, he admitted he feared people might lose interest after launch if it follows the trends of recent expansions.

He followed up on that with a video talking about what he doesn’t want to see in the next expansion, and the one mistake he wants blizzard to avoid the most is releasing a new system riddled with problems without addressing them.

world of warcraft wow shadowlands toghast tower of the damned dungeon
The next WoW expansion is rumored to be called Dragonflight.

“The systems, in my opinion, are probably the worst thing about the game in the past five years,” he said. “Every single time that there’s an expansion that comes out, most people’s complaints are about these systems.”

“Whether it’s the Legion Legendaries, whether it’s Azerite Armor, whether it’s Corruptions or whether it’s Covenants, it doesn’t really matter, because one way or another, people are getting pissed off by the way that the game systems are working.”

Asmon wants Blizzard to avoid making the same mistake in the next expansion. “One thing I really hope does not happen is that it has an obvious problem with the system and Blizzard ignores it entirely until halfway through.”

world of warcraft wow winter queen looks out over ardenwealde in shadowlands
Asmon wants blizzard to keep building on what works.

He also wants them to keep building on what works. “Throughout the entire expansion, the system is iterated on, but then whenever it’s in a relatively decent state at the end of the expansion, it is thrown into the garbage.”

In his view, all that does is force plays to “do the exact same process all over again with a new system.” Instead, he wants Blizzard to keep things that are on “upward trends” in terms of “complexity, playability, and enjoyment.”

“The last thing I want to see Blizzard do is to throw in the towel and say we’re not going to keep trying. They should continue iterating and innovating on the systems. I think that that’s proven to be a positive thing.”

Asmon’s enjoyment of World of Warcraft has waned at times. However, his passion for the game is as strong as ever. So, it’s not surprising to see him thinking critically and deeply about it, especially in terms of improvements.

Blizzard is announcing the next expansion on Tuesday, April 19. There’s a good chance they’ll talk about new features too, including whatever the new system might be. Asmon will almost certainly discuss them after.

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