Asmongold says Dragon’s Dogma 2’s “unneccesary controversy” is misleading

Josh Taylor
Asmongold from his YouTube video.

Asmongold has claimed that criticism of Dragon’s Dogma 2 is unnecessary after controversy over its microtransactions and performance issues led to an influx of negative Steam reviews.

On March 23, the streamer posted a YouTube video to directly address Dragon’s Dogma 2’s performance issues and microtransaction controversy, which many have stated are “ruining the game.”

Capcom only launched Dragon’s Dogma 2 on March 22, but these issues have led to waves of backlash from the player base and a surge of negative Steam reviews.

Asmongold addressed the problems: “I would be streaming right now, but I am making this video instead because I am so annoyed.” He went on to state, “It’s annoying me to see how many people are upset on both sides, and I just wanted to kind of give, you know, at least my take on it and what I think about it.”

In regards to the performance issues, he stated: “The performance thing is dogs**t; what’s sad to me is that I think there is a lot of things in Dragon’s Dogma 2 that could be way better, but, I can’t talk about any of those, because nobody can log in.”

Timestamp at 15:35

The creator then heavily criticized the monetization issues: “Dragon’s Dogma 2, great game, dog s**t monetization. Sh**ty, what do you call it? Sh**ty features that you can’t have. An extra save, you can’t make a new character. It’s unheard of.”

However, he did claim that these microtransactions “are not ruining the game.” As well as this, he doesn’t believe Capcom will remove them, and so instead encouraged his fanbase to just not buy them and enjoy playing the game itself.

Asmongold ended by stating: “All these things are bad and it’s so sad. Right? Because so many people are excited about this game and the release of it is mired down in, like, this really completely unnecessary controversy.

“It’s just disappointing because as I said, I played the game, I haven’t had the performance issues at all, really. And I’ve really enjoyed it a lot. I had a great time, so to see other people who aren’t able to experience that, then it sucks.”

Despite the backlash, Dragon’s Dogma 2 has became Capcom’s biggest launch on Steam with over 200 thousand concurrent players.