Asmongold reveals the biggest Diablo 4 problem that made him quit

Samantha Giambra
asmongold worried about diablo 4

A recent video posted by Asmongold showed yet another Diablo 4 player experiencing the same issues he did that made him call it quits during Season of the Malignant.

Diablo 4 has its quirks and bugs, but one problem that seems to be rumbling around the forums is Affixes on bosses being too tough for even the most seasoned players of the game.

Content creator and streamer Asmongold recently published a video of repeatedly dying to the same boss due to an Affix that stuns and guns the player down with little room for survival.

Another player has encountered the same issue, which Asmongold shines a spotlight to show exactly why he stopped playing early on.

Diablo 4 Affixes wreaking havoc

In the original Reddit post that Asmongold referred to in his upload to YouTube, we see a player going into the Study Halls dungeon on what appears to be scaled to level 43+. The Shivering Nangari Rattlejaw spawns and begins hacking away at the player.

The player in the video is a Druid, known for its survivability and tank-like damage reduction. But as players can see, the Druid gets frozen in place, and a barrage of blows hits them for their entire health pool.

The Affix that seems to be causing issues is called the Freeze Affix. This locks the player in place and appears not to be dispellable once frozen. Though the enemies in Asmongold’s video and this player’s example differ, the Affix on the opponents is the same.

As Asmongold watches the player get killed repeatedly, he states, “This game is so f****** bad. Holy s***. Oh my god, it’s so f****** bad.”

While some argue this is simply a player error, Asmondgold disagrees. He even went back and forth with someone in his chat about whether or not they truly believed this was a well-balanced mechanic. Asmongold says, “Do you think this is well-designed and well-balanced?” to which the chatter replies, “yes.”

This encounter ends with the person relenting and just agreeing with Asmongold. He ends the conversation by saying, “They can never actually defend their perspective. They can never actually say — and actually hold an argument with it — because it’s just so transparently wrong.”

Given that Asmongold is one of the most prominent streamers in the world today, his opinions could be an absolute detriment to Diablo 4 as time passes.