Twitch star Asmongold admits he’s finally ready for WoW return

asmongold with wow expansion characterAsmongold / Blizzard

One of Twitch’s biggest streamers, Asmongold, has confirmed that he will be returning to World of Warcraft in due course, after stints on Elden Ring and Lost Ark. 

As a variety streamer, Asmon has been open to trying lots of different games for his audience to watch in recent months.

Nothing has been off-limits, either, with Epic Games’ decision to add a Zero Build mode to Fortnite reeling him back in after months of avoiding it like the plague.

And after publicly criticizing World of Warcraft heavily, it appears the game is still next on his list.

Asmongold says he is ready to stream WoW again

In a sensational u-turn, Asmongold has admitted that he’s missing the MMORPG title.

He tweeted: “I’m starting to miss playing WoW. I think it’s time to come back soon…”

Just five days before he teased a return to WoW, the streaming star – who has nearly three million followers on his Twitch channel – claimed he was “done” with the game.

“I’ve gone through the same donkey show for 15 years,” he said. “I’m sick of seeing stuff come out, and there’s an obvious change that everybody needs to see, and it doesn’t happen because they withhold it to artificially extend content length.

world of warcraft wow mists of pandariaBlizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft is back on the menu for Twitch streamer Asmongold.

“I don’t want to deal with this anymore. It’s exhausting. That’s all it comes down to. I don’t care about Lost Ark or FFXIV or all those other games. I’m talking about WoW. That’s what they’ve done, and I’m done with it.”

Despite such a stern stance, it appears the door is still open for him to dive back into Azeroth.

With the next WoW expansion in the works, with a Dragonflight theme leaked, more eyes than normal will be on the game in the coming months.

Asmongold has not revealed a specific timeframe for the return, so fans will have to keep an eye on his Twitch channel for the next time he goes live. The next expansion is expected to land later in 2022.