WoW’s Shaman players are growing very concerned ahead of The War Within release

James Lynch
Vol'Jin Shaman in WoW The War Within

World of Warcraft’s broad class system has historically made it difficult to keep everyone happy. That eternal issue is seemingly rumbling on as Shaman players express their discontent ahead of the release of The War Within expansion.

The War Within is changing a lot about WoW, as the first part in a series of three expansions. As such, most classes are going to look considerably different when it launches in full. All will have access to new Hero Talent trees, designed to augment the existing specialization system.

In addition, there will also be the usual buffs, nerfs and changes to existing abilities. Unfortunately, Shaman players have begun to voice growing upset at what’s on the table for their chosen class. Specifically, this relates to a perceived lack of attention for Shamans in the changes seen thus far during the Alpha and Beta for The War Within.

In a post on Reddit, one player shared a sarcastic list of the best and worst updates to Shaman thus far. It featured only one entry and invited the community to share their thoughts.

Many were quick to take the OP up on that offer. One said, “Last week, I commented that Shaman shouldn’t start panicking since there was still plenty of time before pre-patch, and I got massively downvoted. I now realize my optimism was unfounded, and the downvotes were justified.”

Another added, “Some of us, like me, kinda jokingly ranted and moaned after the first and second iterations of Alpha came out. And got berated/downvoted for it. Like ‘chill, it’s only the beginning of alpha.’ Whelp, doesn’t feel like a joke now, does it.”

Another took the chance to criticize developer Blizzard. They said, “Complete developer incompetence. No class should go through what shaman has gone through in this expansion cycle. Blizzard needs to take a real look at how their class development process works because it is broken.”

Whatever does happen with Shaman, players clearly want to see significantly more from Blizzard. Other classes are getting broader changes and the community mood seems to be quieter there.

The expansion is launching on August 22 in Early Access and August 26 for everyone else.