Valorant player creates epic Elderflame Vandal skin & Jett knife in real life

Connor Knudsen
elderflame vandal valorant
Riot Games

One Valorant fan has turned pixels into reality, creating some unbelievable weapon replicas, including the fiery Elderflame Vandal and one of Jett’s knives. The detail that went into these is unmistakably gorgeous.

Riot Games’ ability-focused tactical shooter, Valorant, has some of the most stunning weapon skins imaginable.

Despite their price in-game, players consistently find themselves purchasing these beautiful skins, seeking to stand out in the crowd and make their Ace’s come to life with the animated finishers.

But, one member of the community has taken these skins a step further and has found a way, through 3D printing magic, to recreate some of the game’s most beloved skins in real life.

3D printed Valorant weapons

Reddit user, aboude_555 recently shared their creation with the Valorant subreddit, and the community fell in love with the results, showering the creator with awards and upvotes galore.

The artist looks to have 3D printed a few different Valorant weapons including one of Jett’s knives, the dragon Elderflame Vandal, and the Ruin dagger.

But, not only that, but they appeared to have taken some serious time to carefully paint the weapons as well.

The results speak for themselves, proving worthy of the praise that was received.

Making creative art is something that all gaming communities dabble in, but the Valorant community has been found to be especially creative.

It’s a great time for Valorant fans to fawn over some art, after just wrapping up Masters Berlin and having introduced a new season, including a brand new map, Fracture.

So, whether it be theorizing on who the next agent will be, learning how to play the new map, or trying to get creative with weapons like this fan, let the creative juices flow.