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When is Valorant Episode 3: Act 2? Release date & full details

Published: 19/Jun/2021 23:38

by Nick Farrell


A new agent in the form of KAY/O is coming to Valorant with Episode 3: Act 1. But, how long will we get to enjoy this new Act before Episode 3: Act 2 releases? 

Valorant Episode 3: Act 1 is an exciting time to be checking out Riot Games tactical FPS, as the new agent KAY/O is a fun addition whose versatility has intrigued tons of players.

With other titles such as Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone also releasing new seasons this month, Valorant’s current Act is going to run over the duration of the majority of the Summer.

But, if you are looking for exactly when Episode 3: Act 2 kicks off, then new leaks have pointed to a certain date.


Riot Games
KAY/O is the latest agent to join the field in Valorant

When does Valorant Episode 3: Act 2 begin?

Similar to other Acts, we can expect that Riot will not waste any time between the conclusion of Act 1 and will be jumping straight into Act 2 without any days in between.

With this said, there have been some leaks from Twitter users that have pinpointed the start date for all future acts in Episode 3. Floxayyy has noted that Episode 3: Act 2 is going to kick off on August 24, and will run until October 19, 2021.

So, the current Valorant act is going to run for around eight weeks, which has typically been the time we have seen from Riot for each Act, so this does not come as too much of a surprise.


When is Episode 3: Act 1’s end date?

Riot Games
Jett has received significant changes in Episode 3 Act 1

As noted above, Episode 3: Act 1 is going to end on August 24, which is also when the new Act is going to begin!

Episode 3: Act 2 details — leaks, rumors, more

As of now, it is quite hard to say what Riot intend on adding with Act 2, but if you have been paying attention to the recent Valorant Acts, there are bound to be some additions.

In the last two Acts we have seen the addition of the new map Breeze, along with a new agent in the form of KAY/O. So, it is safe to say Riot may have some more goodies up their sleeves once again.


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