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Top 20 highest earning Valorant pros of all time

Published: 6/Sep/2020 17:05 Updated: 6/Sep/2020 17:07

by Andrew Amos


Valorant is the freshest esport on the market. Only a few months old, its esports scene is only just starting. Players have already walked away with thousands in prize money across the Valorant Ignition Series. Let’s see who are the highest earning pros and teams in the game.

Valorant is Riot’s answer to CS:GO. They are hoping the tactical FPS title can one day be as big as their hallmark franchise, League of Legends. Trends are certainly making it look that way.

Players from a bunch of FPS franchises have made the switch. CS:GO, Overwatch, Fortnite ⁠— even PUBG and Siege players have jumped ship to the new Riot title. It’s not just for the gameplay either. Riot has a history of supporting a strong competitive scene, giving players who might have been disillusioned with other developers another chance.

Valorant pro Wardell playing for Ghost Gaming in CS:GO
Wardell has made a name for himself at the top of NA Valorant.

Obviously, a couple of months into Valorant’s existence, there hasn’t been a major international tournament where we can determine who is definitively the best. But looking at who’s won the most prize money in their respective regions can establish a bit of a power ranking.

There’s been millions of dollars on the line across multiple Valorant Ignition Series events since the game’s launch. This has been most prominent in Europe and North America, where individual prize pools have topped out at $50,000.

The teams who have established themselves at the top of the scene early are the ones who dominate the earnings. In North America, that’s TSM, and in Europe, that’s the G2 roster.

TSM, led by Matt ‘Wardell’ Yu, have swept up the majority of tournaments in North America. They won the first Ignition Series event ⁠— the T1 Showdown. They also took home the FaZe Clan Invitational, and finished in 3-4th in the PAX Arena Invitational. They’ve won more than they’ve lost, and that’s got their players sitting pretty at the top.

However, there’s one team that trumps them, and that’s G2. The European squad has held a firm grip on the European scene since day one. They haven’t lost a single tournament that they’ve entered ⁠— winning the Vitality European Open, WePlay! Invitational, Cup, and Allied Esports Odyssey.

Ardiis playing CS:GO
Former CS:GO player Ardiis is now the top earning Valorant pro.

Ardis ‘ardiis’ Svarenieks sits atop of the earnings board, edging out Oscar ‘mixwell’ Canellas due to his time on fish123. The Latvian star was a force to be reckoned with on the now-Team Liquid roster, before jumping over to their European rivals. Supplemented by G2’s impressive run, he’s has taken the crown as the highest earning Valorant player… for now.

If you’re curious about the top 20 respective teams and players, though, we’ve got them right here for you. has been keeping track, and we will be too ⁠— we will update this list periodically after every major event.

Top 20 highest earning Valorant pros

Last updated: September, 2020

Position Name Nationality Earnings
1st ardiis Latvia $21,689.60
2nd mixwell Spain $18,865.41
3rd davidp Belgium $18,349.45
4th pyth Sweden $17,925.32
5th Drone USA $17,010.00
6th reltuC USA $17,010.00
7th WARDELL Canada $17,010.00
8th Subroza Canada $16,710.00
9th hazed USA $15,910.00
10th paTiTek Poland $15,403.81
11th ec1s UK $13,268.27
12th ScreaM Belgium $12,008.81
13th ShahZaM USA $11,450.00
14th zombs USA $11,450.00
15th SicK USA $11,150.00
16th sinatraa USA $11,150.00
17th dapr USA $11,050.00
18th Kryptix UK $9,954.68
19th L1NK UK $9,954.68
20th soulcas UK $9,954.68

Top 20 highest earning Valorant teams

Last updated: September, 2020

Position Team Tournaments Earnings
1st Team SoloMid 8 $71,500.00
2nd G2 Esports 5 $64,702.16
3rd Sentinels 5 $54,000.00
4th Absolute JUPITER 2 $37,714.83
5th Gen.G Esports 7 $36,000.00
6th Cloud9 7 $20,800.00
7th T1 3 $16,500.00
8th Immortals 4 $14,500.00
9th ahq Esports Club 2 $14,000.00
10th Team Envy 2 $13,500.00
11th Ninjas in Pyjamas 8 $11,454.36
12th SCARZ 2 $9,910.22
13th Attack All Around 2 $8,000.00
14th FunPlus Phoenix 2 $6,522.63
15th FaZe Clan 1 $5,000.00
16th Team Dignitas 1 $5,000.00
17th Team Liquid 1 $4,736.80
18th Big Frames 5 $2,600.00
19th EXO Clan 1 $2,131.14
20th forZe 1 $1,792.50

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Valorant pros ShahZam and WARDELL spark feud over “rats” comment

Published: 29/Oct/2020 13:45

by Lauren Bergin


Former CS:GO players turned Valorant pros Sentinels ShahZam and TSM WARDELL have had a fiery exchange over Twitter. 

Even at the highest level of esports, trash talk remains common between the big name players, contributing to in-game rivalries that spice up any match.

There’s some age old rivalries between esports organizations like G2 Esports and Fnatic, never mind within the player base itself. Although sometimes these rivalries stay lighthearted, they can ignite and start a real feud.

This is exactly what appears to have happened between former CS:GO pros turned Valorant stars Shahzeb ‘ShahZam’ Khan of Sentinels and Matt ‘WARDELL’ Yu of TSM.

The TSM player gave the video a fiery reaction.

WARDELL responds to ShahZam video

The fiery exchange began when the Sentinels posted a short clip of ShahZam talking about his feelings towards TSM. With ShahZam stating that be believes Sentinels have more consistency than TSM, admitting that he does “like to seem them lose,” the video received a knee-jerk response from the TSM player.

WARDELL hit back with a slamming criticism of the video, writing “who knew rats can talk? LMAO.” ShahZam quickly followed up with a defence of his team, stating that the video was old and asking WARDELL “why are you so mad?”

This, however, just ignited the fire more. WARDELL promptly responded to ShahZam by making fun of the player’s hair, stating that ‘it’s not silver, it’s platinum’ to which ShahZam playfully accused the TSM player as ‘having a crush’ on him.

Banter gone wrong?

A lot of fans chalked the exchange up as trash talk and banter, but others were unsure considering the genuine surprise that ShahZam appeared to show in his first tweet.

Either way, the feud has sparked a more intense rivalry between the already battling teams; a rivalry that may be settled on the battlefield of the NA First Strike tournament. It would be great to see Sentinels and TSM face off once more and settle their long established rivalry, so fingers crossed we finally get that rematch.