Riot teases Valorant’s next Sentinel with new details on Agent 17

valorant agent 17 deadeyeRiot Games

Riot Games is preparing to add a new Sentinel to the Valorant roster as more details about Agent 17 reveals what’s to come for the upcoming character.

The studio is coming off a big week that saw the conclusion of Valorant Masters Berlin as well as the 3.06 content update patch for the game. This has given Riot plenty of gameplay data to work with while plotting its next move on Agent codenamed: Deadeye.

While there’s still sometime before the next Valorant character release, the fans are getting more insight into how this Agent will ultimately play out and what we can expect.

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Riot has kept details on Agent 17 close to its vest, with the ‘Deadeye’ moniker coming from a leak that gave us the first look into new character files with what’s presumably Agent 18.

“Magnifique” Valorant Agent 17

valorant agent 17 deadeyeRiot Games
Brief glimpses into Valorant Agent 17 were revealed in the Year One Anthem video.

In a new State of the Agents for Valorant, Riot’s Character Producer John Goscicki gave more details on the anticipated release.

“We took a step back and thought about different ways to provide another Sentinel to the roster,” Goscicki said. “A Sentinel that focuses on mechanical outplays, with an additional focus of gunplay into the mix for an extra flourish.

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We won’t reveal much more, just know that once you achieve that dream moment, it will be magnifique!”

Valorant is set for a new Sentinel Agent, who excel at locking down areas on the map and usually has traps for their opponents to contend with.

valorant agent 17 deadeyeRiot Games
The teaser image that came attached with new details on Valorant Agent 17. The file name is simply “magnifique.”

It’s worth noting that earlier in their post, Riot made it a point to outline their goals with Jett, describing her as “an Agent that is used to capitalize on high mechanical skill outputs via precise gameplay.”

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This could mean that we’ll get a Sentinel with a Duelist-level of agency possibly via traps, abilities, or the like. Though we’ve had a glimpse of Valorant Agent 17 in the Year One Anthem video, how the character will play is still up in the air.

Riot likes to aggressively drop hints about what they’re working on in the lead up to release, and they could be doing the same with ‘Magnifique.’ Though it’s unclear if that’s the name for the Valorant Agent, the odd wording coincides with a teaser image they released that had a business card with logos for Kingdom and presumably Deadeye, the latter having a prominent ‘M’ in its design.

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We might not have to wait much longer until we have a better picture of the next Valorant Agent, who should be on the way soon.

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