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Valorant TikTok goes viral as player finds out what a $10 montage gets you

Published: 24/Sep/2021 23:56

by Theo Salaun


Valorant players, like all FPS players, love a good montage. But, as one found out in a now-viral TikTok, when you’re only willing to pay $5 for your highlight reel — you get what you pay for.

Whether you call it a montage, a highlight reel, a frag movie, or literally any other combination of words, it’s fun to compile your best clips. For first-person tactical shooters like Valorant and CS:GO, it’s all about unflinching accuracy in the face of serious tension.

That was the case for TikTok’s ‘mowblive,’ who got an Ace in Riot Games’ FPS and, according to their caption, paid someone £10 on Fiverr to get it turned into a proper edit. To their dismay, and the rest of the world’s delight, the results were… special.


Viral Valorant TikTok for $10

@mowblivelast time i use fiverr smh #valorant #gaming #valorantclips #valorantedit #foryou #twitchclips♬ original sound – Mowb

As you can see in the clip, mowblive’s highlight starts off relatively normally — but soon ramps up as kills get secured.

Suddenly, as tensions rise, a man starts singing in the background: “One eye open when I’m sleeping.” Then, a snipe for the Ace leads to the celebratory edit that no one asked for, but we all deserve.

valorant edit viral tiktok squirrel dancing
TikTok, @mowblive
Look at that squirrel, what a star.

A dancing squirrel, a moving Raid Shadow Legends banner, hype music, and glitched Shutterstock text? As far as FPS highlights go, this one is most certainly not the norm (although maybe it should be).

While mowblive said they’ll never use Fiverr again, people in the replies were all about that action and seemed to love the final product.


One user replied “you should’ve paid like £150 bro, this is insane,” while others asked for the editor’s username for their own video needs. And that’s how we all learned one important lesson about the Valorant TikTok community: they appreciate fine art.