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How to use the Odin: Valorant weapon guide

Published: 27/Mar/2021 6:49

by Andrew Amos


The Odin is Valorant’s chunky machine gun. Sitting with a huge magazine of 100 rounds, you can mow down hordes of enemies without even having to stop to reload. It’s a defender’s dream, so here’s how you can make the most of it.

Valorant’s heavy weapons, the Odin and the cheaper Ares, are often overlooked. Sure, the guns don’t offer as much mobility ⁠— a key pain point when considering the power of shotguns and SMGs right now.

However, what they do offer is heavy amounts of zone control, and a lot of damage if the enemies walk into the firing line. Here’s how you can maximize the effectiveness of your Odin, and swing a round in your favor with Valorant’s bullet hose.


Odin weapon stats

The Odin can churn through enemies with its 15.6 rounds per second fire rate ⁠— second to only the Stinger at 16 rounds per second ⁠— and its rifle-esque high damage.

A headshot up close will nearly kill an unarmored enemy, and given how quick the bullets come out, you can double dink someone in the blink of an eye. The Odin damage falloff at range isn’t that drastic, but you have to consider controlling a gun of its nature is tough.

Valorant Odin Weapon stats

Odin recoil pattern

The Odin has the wildest recoil pattern of all Valorant guns. It makes sense, given it’s a big machine gun with a huge magazine and a bunch of damage.


Primarily though, you’ll just have to pull down. It’s a bit more advanced to compensate with the swings, but if you can master that, you can lazer down enemies once it gets revving.

You’ll also want to scope in for most of your sprays. It significantly reduces the spread without impacting fire rate too much. It makes it a lot easier to control.

Use it to spray through walls with recon abilities

The Odin isn’t a gun you want to be leading the charge with. It takes a while to get started, and so you can get caught with your pants down if an enemy swings around a corner onto you.


That means you have to be proactive with it. What’s the best way of being proactive? Using recon abilities, like Sova’s Recon Dart or Cypher’s Spy Camera to see where targets are.

Then, using the Odin’s high wall penetration, mow down the hordes from relative safety. This strategy is very typically employed on Ascent B Site, but can also be used on maps like Icebox and Split relatively easily.

Sova in Valorant
Riot Games
Sova excels with the Odin, using his Recon Bolt to ping enemies before mowing them down.

Great for defending big chokepoints if you have cover

Let’s put it straight: don’t buy the Odin as an attacker. There’s plenty of better weapons for cheaper that’ll enable you to push sites.


However, if you already have control over an area ⁠— which the defenders do at the start of a round ⁠— then the Odin is great at maintaining control. With a huge clip of 100 rounds, you can just spray down through a chokepoint, and the enemies can’t push.

If you hear the execute starting, just hold left click and pull down. You might not get a confirmed kill, but you’ll surely shred through a team if you get the recoil down pat.

At 3,200 Creds, the Odin isn’t cheap. It’s even more expensive than the Phantom and the Vandal. However, it has its place situationally in the Valorant meta.


If you are playing Sova or Cypher, you may find the Odin useful at maintaining control, using wallbangs to your advantage. As long as you don’t get pincered, the Odin is a handy tool to keep enemies at bay, and maybe take down a couple with some cheeky sprays.