Valorant Ascent map guide: Callouts, strategies, more

Valorant Ascent Map Guide, Callouts, LineupsRiot Games, Dexerto

Struggling to conquer the Ascent map in Valorant? You might just be missing a few key strategies. Don’t fear though, as we’ve got you covered with all the callouts and intel you need to push for a 13-0 next time you launch onto the Tuscan-themed map.

Valorant map ascent Ascent has two Reactor Sites, but it may as well have three, given how crucial Mid control is on this map. More than any other Valorant map, getting control of Mid on Ascent is the gateway to success as attackers and defenders.

Ascent is one of the game’s more balanced maps ⁠— it can truly come down to just gunplay. However, with the right strategies, you can make it as attacker or defender-sided as you want ⁠— whichever plays in your favor. Here’s how you can master the map.

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All Reactor Sites and Callouts on Ascent

All callouts and reactor site locations in Valorant's Ascent mapRiot Games
Callouts for Valorant’s Ascent, according to the in-game map.

Just by taking a look at the map above, you can see why. It’s also worth familiarizing yourself with all the callouts, as we will be referring to them in this guide.

Although it is a bit difficult to remember all the callouts for all the different maps, it is very important to have a basic idea about the map’s layout and various angles from where you could get shot at. Having said that, let’s dive into the guide and get you geared up for Ascent.

How to play as an Attacker on Ascent in Valorant

Reactor Site A

There are two routes to attack A Site on Ascent ⁠— straight from A Lobby to A Main, or down Mid Catwalk into A Link. However, you’ll typically use the first route, as it’s the safest even though it forces you through a choke.

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Because of this, you need to be prepped to charge on through. Agents like Breach, who can flash and stun the site, and Omen for smokes are a necessity. Having a Jett who can quickly dash onto the site and start the pandemonium is good, as well as a Raze to flush out enemies out.

in-game screenshot of Valorant Ascent A SiteRiot Games
Planting by the Generator on the left is best for A Site attackers.

Then, once you got the site, you should plant next to Generator ⁠— the big black box on the West-side of the site, giving you an angle to defend from Short, Hell, Main, and Wine.

Reactor Site B

B Site is much the same as A Site: Two pathways, one through B Main, and one down Mid into B Market. Again, the B Main route is safest, as you won’t need to take Mid control, but it comes at the cost of having less map pressure.

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Smokes and stuns are once again the key for breaking out onto B. Stunning or flashing the line from B Lobby to B Main where Defenders usually peek is a must, so bring your Breach and your Omen again. Then, smoking off Market and back towards Defender Spawn will allow you the cleanest possible hit.

Valorant Ascent B SiteRiot Games
You can plant behind Default, then defend from Boat House on B.

Once on B, plant behind the default boxes in the middle of the site. You can then hold from Boat House in the back, and watch the pushes from both Stairs and Speedway. Having someone play the off-angle in B Main also helps too.


If there is any Valorant map where mid-control is crucial, then it’s Ascent. It’s the gateway to every conceivable position on the map ⁠— up Catwalk into A Link, through B Market to B Site, and even wrapping around Defender and Attacker spawns.

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We’ve already spoken about how key they are to potentially attack both sites. However, that doesn’t mean you have to dump all your utility into taking it. You can smoke under the Arch to push safely up Catwalk if you choose.

Valorant Ascent MidRiot Games
When attacking Mid on Ascent, care for aggressive peeks from Catwalk on the right.

However, if you push up Mid, be sure to smoke out Cubby on the A-side. This is the angle Defenders will pick you off from.

How to play as a Defender on Ascent in Valorant

Reactor Site A

A lot of utility on A Site Ascent is going to be dedicated to stopping the attackers from pushing through that A Main choke point. While Cypher’s tripwires were once the industry standard, most players are now resorting to just watching sightlines and smoking out the entrance.

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If you give up control of A Site, it’s a lot easier to retake than B, so you might even see teams play a full retake strategy where they give up the site easily. You can come at the site from three different angles as Defenders, so as long as you clear the main areas like Wine, Hell, and Tree Room, you can cleanly get control.

in-game screenshot of Valorant Ascent A SiteRiot Games
You can hold up here on Heaven on Ascent’s A Site, or play full retake.

Throwing some flashes in as an Agent like Skye is the best way of playing like this, allowing your team to quickly burst onto the site without much trouble. Breach is also a solid choice, as he can clear out Hell with his Aftershock.

Reactor Site B

Much like A Site, B Site on Ascent is all about holding the B Main choke. Stopping the enemies from rushing onto the site by throwing down tons of utility at the entrance is the play.

Sova and Killjoy are the Kings (and Queens) of defending Ascent’s B Site. Sova’s Shock Arrows are incredibly potent at dealing damage at the start of a round, and he can also Recon Bolt to peer into B Main, then fire away with an Odin.

Valorant Ascent B SiteRiot Games
Yes, you can jump on top of the barrels to get this site line outside of the Ascent B Site.

Killjoy, on the other hand, is great for a passive hold. Her turret and Nanoswarms make it an attacker’s nightmare to clear and push.


Defending Mid on Ascent is best done with an Operator. And who’s better than Jett when it comes down to Operator duties? You can hold Mid from two places ⁠— Cubby, out by A Site, or from B Market. These have two different sight lines, and it might be worth covering both.

Valorant Ascent MidRiot Games
Care for the swing from the right out of Mid Link.

As we mentioned on the attackers’ side, Mid is the key to Ascent. If you can maintain Mid control on defense, you’re well on your way to winning the round. Forcing players through the chokes is the number one objective, so you can dedicate a lot of resources into keeping Mid your own.

While these are a base set of strategies you can employ on Ascent, the number one thing is communication. Playing the map and calling out what you see is better than any strat book for players just learning the game.

You’ll slowly be able to pick up on the things we mentioned here ⁠— and maybe come up with your own OP strategies ⁠— so you can really take Ascent by the reins every time it comes up in Ranked.

So there you have it, our own curated guide for the Haven map in Valorant. In case you are looking to become a Future Earth champion? Be sure to check out our list of guides:

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