Is the Vandal good in Valorant? Damage stats, tactics, how to use

Andy Williams

The Vandal is Valorant one of the most versatile, but just how do you become a master of wielding the rifle? We break down everything you need to know about the weapon.

Valorant is complete with weapons from various classifications, to support an array of playstyles. With 17 different guns to choose from in six different categories, what dictates which weapon you should buy?

Then there’s the discussion of which 2900 Credit weapon to buy: the Phantom or Vandal; which should be a bit more clear after reading.

In this guide, we’ll cover the Vandal – arguably Valorant’s most lethal weapon – and give you all of the intel you need to wreak havoc on the battlefield.


What is the Vandal?

The Vandal is one of four Rifles in Valorant. As the joint most expensive Rifle (more on the Phantom here), you will have to reserve sufficient Credits to make this part of your Agent’s rig.

At a glance, the Vandal offers a 25-round magazine with a fully-automatic fire mode. While on paper, the weapon is must-have, there is plenty to consider if you want to perfect your craft and earn those all-important frags.

Is the Vandal a good gun in Valorant?

Unlike some other weapons in the game, the Vandal is not dependent on range. Meaning that if you hit someone at point-blank or on the other side of C-Long on Haven, you’re going to deal just as much damage.

One bullet to your opponent’s head (156 damage) is sufficient to land you a kill with the Vandal, irrespective of what grade armor they’re wearing. This makes the Vandal highly effective and killing opponents quickly.

Vandal’s damage stats

  • Magazine capacity: 25
  • Wall Penetration: Medium
  • Fire rate: 9.75 rounds/sec
Location Damage at 0-50m 
Head 160
Torso 40
Legs 34

Spray pattern

The Vandal possesses one of the most erratic spray patterns in the game. After the first two bullets, the weapon barrel immediately kicks up. After the fifth bullet, the barrel begins to move laterally — this is where it becomes especially tough to control.

After a certain threshold (around nine bullets in), the Vandal kicks to the left and then to the right. Pay attention to the smaller target on the left-hand side, which provides a tracer of the weapon’s full recoil.

To compensate, a pro tip here is to follow the sway of the barrel out the corner of your eye and move your mouse in the opposite direction to keep your bullets locked onto your target.

How to use the Vandal in Valorant

When to buy the Vandal

At 2,900 Creds, the Vandal is the go-to weapon for a standard buy round. Providing you have the Credits, its versatility at both short-medium and long ranges will allow you to cover all areas of the map with ease.

If your team is strapped for cash but you’re looking to force buy against your opponents, a Vandal is not the weapon for you. Given its relative expense compared with other weapons, the risk of granting your players one of the best weapons in the game far outweighs the potential reward of doing some damage (or at best clutching the round) — save this for the pros!

Vandal tactics

So what does all this mean? Well we’ve touched on how difficult it is to control and the Agents that are arguably most suited to use a Vandal, but just how should you be using it?

Short bursts are where the Vandal is most effective, so keep your distance and try your best to maintain solid crosshair placement (anticipating where the enemy’s head will be) as you navigate your way around the map.

One thing to bear in mind here is if you prefer to lurk your way through rounds and get behind enemy lines, the Vandal is most definitely not for you — a silenced weapon like the Phantom might be calling you here.

So that’s everything you need to know about the Vandal in Valorant! Looking to dominate Future Earth? Check out our other Valorant guides:

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