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How to use the Guardian: Valorant weapon guide

Published: 29/Mar/2021 6:49 Updated: 29/Mar/2021 7:06

by Andrew Amos


The Guardian is Valorant’s only semi-automatic rifle. If you consider yourself a bit of an aim star, you can tear up the competition with it. Here’s how you can get the most out of it.

The Guardian differs from its rifle counterparts in one big way: It’s semi-automatic instead of fully-automatic. While this may seem like a huge drawback, it makes up for it by packing a huge punch of damage in every bullet.

The rifle is slowly rising up the tier list thanks to its decently affordable price point, insane power in the right hands, and a few handy buffs. Here’s how you can use the Guardian if you stumble upon one in Valorant.


Guardian weapon stats

The Guardian is much like the Vandal in which it’s a one-shot headshot at any range. However, it’s unique to every other rifle in the fact that it’s semi-automatic. While it can still fire at 5.25 rounds per seconds tops, you have to have high APM to click that fast.

It does pack a punch for just 2,400 Creds. It only takes three shots to the body to take down an enemy. With no damage dropoff, you want to look at using it at range.

Valorant Guardian weapon stats

Guardian recoil pattern

The Guardian doesn’t really have a recoil pattern per se. After all, it’s a semi-automatic rifle, so it’s not that hard to control compared to other guns.


However, if you rapidly fire, you will have to compensate by either slowing down, or pulling down. The first four odd shots will go pretty straight, then after that, it goes wild. It’s worth only using the Guardian in bursts to avoid big inaccuracies unless the enemy is in your face.

Trust your one-taps? Aim for the head with the Guardian

Valorant’s Guardian rewards great aim. It’s a one-shot headshot from any range. Therefore, if you want to get the most out of your Guardian, you want to channel your inner ScreaM and go for the one-taps.

If you rip someone’s head off while holding a line with the Guardian ⁠— something like Haven C Long, Ascent looking down to B Link, or Mid on Split ⁠— it can swing entire rounds in your favor.


Cypher Valorant
Riot Games
You can spot someone with Cypher’s utility from afar and then swing out with the Guardian for an easy kill.

Think of the Guardian as more of a sniper than a rifle

The Guardian isn’t a rifle you’re going to be leading the charge with. It excels at holding down angles from afar and bursting enemies like a sniper. In fact, you should think of the Guardian as less of a rifle, and more of a sniper.

The semi-automatic nature means no matter how fast you click, it won’t do as much DPS as a fully-automatic gun. Not only that, but it’s a one-shot headshot, or three shots to the body. A quick triple tap can melt an enemy.

Plus, it has a 1.5x scope. This is more than the 1.2x scopes on the other rifles when you zoom in, making it just that bit better at range. Sure, it’s by no means the optics you get on the Operator and Marshal, but you can definitely treat the Guardian as such. It’s basically a budget “Dak Dak” from CS:GO.


For 2,400 Creds, the Guardian comes in at an awkward price point. It’s cheaper than the Vandal and Phantom considerably, but it is a bit harder to use compared to a cheaper SMG like the Spectre.

However, if you back your aim, and your team needs to force up and you only have enough for a Guardian and armor, it should do the trick. Just remember to play a bit more passively, take fights on long angles, and then you can help your team push the point.