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Complete Valorant map guide for Haven: Callouts, strategies, more

Published: 3/Jun/2020 18:44 Updated: 10/Jun/2020 12:40

by Bill Cooney


In a game like Valorant, map awareness and knowledge are critical. To help you plan out a solid attacking plan or draw up a sturdy defense we’ll be taking a look at all of Valorant’s maps, with this guide focusing on Haven.

Haven is one of Valorant’s most unique maps, in that it hosts three Reactor Sites as opposed to the traditional two-site format most FPS players are used to seeing.

With that in mind, we’d recommend familiarizing yourself with the Reactor Site locations and map callouts below, since we’ll be referring to them throughout this guide.

Callouts for Haven in Valorant.
Riot Games / Dexerto
All callouts for Haven — alongside all of the locations for Reactor Sites.

A great general piece of advice for Valorant maps: If you want to walk away with the W, communication is key — and telling your teammates where an enemy is camped out becomes much easier once you learn specific callouts. Even if your teammates use slightly different names for things, strategizing and talking is always better than staying silent.

Most of the major landmark’s nicknames on Haven are shared with other maps. For example, Heaven, Hell, and Tunnels are callouts you’ll hear around the clock on your time in Future Earth. The tricky part can be learning where exactly these names are referencing on each map, and reacting appropriately. Take Garage, for example… This means two different things on Split and Haven.

How to play as an Attacker on Haven

Reactor Site C

We’ll start with the C-Site. Generally considered the easiest one to push on Attack, it can be attacked from two routes: the C-Long route, or through Garage into C-Tunnel.

If you take the latter route, it’s wise to have a teammate smoke-off Grass/Courtyard, to prevent any ambitious Defenders from ruining your push from the B point. A smoke up in Nest (above Garage) is a good call too, since there’s almost always a defender lying in wait by the Window.

For this reason, Brimstone’s Sky Smokes make him an almost must-pick agent on Haven, but thanks to the 1.0 release patch that buffed her Cloudbursts, Jett could also work here.

The obvious route to C is through Long, but you’ll have virtually no cover while moving to plant the Spike. So if you do choose to go via this route, it’s wise to fully utilize any smokes and use the Cubby for cover.

When it comes to planting on C, putting the Spike inside of the angle of the “L” shaped boxes is good for a quick strike (commonly referred to as default). But you can also plant on the opposite side of the L and sit behind the boxes in the back of C for longer holds.

Reactor Site B

Moving on, B-Site presents much more of a challenge for Attackers on Haven, since Defenders can pincer-in and attack from multiple sides once they know you’re set up there.

Well-placed smokes can cut off enemies’ sightlines from A and C respectively, and they’ll definitely be rotating once they hear the Spike planted. Speaking of Spikes, it’s usually wise to plant in the back of the site and defend it behind the penetrable wall (located in front of the Gong), but you can also place it in the front by the inner corners of the large boxes in the middle to throw off Defenders.

Reactor Site B on Haven.
Riot Games
One of the main routes into the B Reactor Site is by going up the stairs through mid-map.

Reactor Site A

A-Site is similar to B in that it can be a bit challenging for Attackers to get a foothold on, since the Defenders will almost always have someone in the Window laying down fire from Heaven. If you do break through and establish yourself though, A is much easier than the middle point to hang onto.

For planting the Spike, hugging the A-Site Box facing towards A-Long is a popular spot, since you’ll also be shielded from enemy shots coming from above. Another good spot is the top right corner, just under the window. It helps if you have a Sage use her Barrier Orb here to block-off Heaven when going for this spot.

How to play as a Defender on Haven

Reactor Site C

Defense can be a bit less nerve-wracking in Valorant since you don’t have to worry about planting the Spike, but this isn’t quite the case with Haven and its trio of sites, so your squad will be more dispersed. We’ll begin again on Defense with the C-Site, which can reliably be held down by two players — or one Cypher who knows what they’re doing!

A good way to split-up the work is for one Agent to get on C where they can see both C-Long and Tunnel. Right behind the C-Site Box can work well, since it gives clear sightlines of both attacking points. Your other C Defender will want to stay near the B-Link and keep an eye on the window in Nest above Garage, which is a popular route for offensive pushes.

Reactor Site B

This player at the B-Link could also act as a roamer to cover B-Site in the center. But if you want to set up there, towards the back of the site by Gong or out on the A-Link looking in are both solid options. Again, a skilled Cypher is easily able to cover B by themselves with Trapwires and a well-placed Spycam, which makes the one-man surveillance network another good Agent choice for Haven.

Riot Games
Window (also known as Heaven) is a popular perch for Defenders, since it gives a clear view of A-Long.

Reactor Site A

Again we come to A-Site, which might be the most straightforward point to hold on Haven. The key to A is Heaven control, which gives you a commanding view of the ramp leading up from A-Long side and the Sewers coming from Tunnel.

You’ll need to keep your wits about you if you man this crow’s nest because it’s definitely the first place players check when entering to plant on-site. Two Agents are recommended though, with the other taking cover by the long box on A, to back-up the Heaven player, who will mainly be covering the A-Long route.

This might seem like a lot to take in, especially if you haven’t played Valorant before. But after a few matches, you’ll start to get the hang of things and get more familiar with the maps and how to play on them.

As we said earlier, communication is one of the most important things in Valorant, so even if you don’t have the map memorized, working together and communicating as a team can really help make playing both sides of the Spike a bit easier when Haven comes up in the queue.


10 players to watch during Valorant’s First Strike Global Finals

Published: 26/Nov/2020 16:58 Updated: 27/Nov/2020 9:46

by Lauren Bergin


With the Valorant First Strike qualifiers coming to a close all across the globe, some players have risen to the top of the pack — but who are they? 

It’s safe to say that Riot Games’ first global tournament, First Strike, has left its mark in FPS history. There’s been upsets, shocking results and, of course, some absolutely wild plays. Some of the top tier teams fell at the final hurdle, and others powered up by friendship have emerged triumphant.

One of the positives about having the tournament be played online is that it lets smaller teams shine, highlighting players who maybe never would have made it onto the big stage.

Every region is going to see some fierce competition for their regional title, and it’s going to be exciting to watch who prevails and who falters. Below is our list of players who can shift the First Strike tides, so let’s dive right in.

European players to watch

Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom (Team Liquid)

When Team Liquid picked up former CS:GO pro ScreaM, Valorant fans were beyond excited, and for good reason. Renowned for being the “headshot machine” of CS:GO, it was pretty obvious that ScreaM joining the Valorant scene heralded even more head-popping chaos.

From start to finish ScreaM has dominated the First Strike qualifiers on his signature Jett, scoring an ace against Prodigy Esports that will go down in Valorant history as one of the cleanest. Are you ready to scream for Liquid? Well, get ready to watch the man himself obliterate the competition in the First Strike Regional Finals.

Ardis ‘ardiis’ Svarenieks (G2 Esports)

One of the most formidable players on this list is Ardiis, G2 Esports’ sniper extraordinaire. With a KD of 1.24 and a whole host of Agents available in his pool, Ardiis has quite rightly been dubbed by many casters, analysts, and other professionals as one of the game’s best players.

He’s proven that his skill matches up to the hype. One of the key carries in G2’s series against Ninjas in Pyjamas, Ardiis’ Sova was a force to be reckoned with. Sneaking behind enemy lines, shooting out devastating shock darts left, right and center, G2 couldn’t have done it without him. It’ll be interesting to see how he steps up in the regional final, especially when the title of First Strike Europe champion is on the line.

Pontus ‘Zyppan’ Eek (FPX)

When FunPlus Phoenix entered the Valorant scene we knew the sparks would fly, but we never knew that Zyppan would be the reason. The ex-Fortnite player’s Raze has become a true force on Future Earth, demolishing every team he’s been put up against.

With a KD of 1.32, his aggressive style is one we’d love to see more of in Valorant. His performance against The Opportunists is the perfect example of why he’s on such a highly respected roster, and it’ll be exciting to see how he shapes up against Ardiis and FunPlus’ arch nemesis, G2.

Domagoj ‘doma’ Fancev (SUMN FC)

SUMN FC aren’t a team that many people expected to be playing with the big guns, but doma is one of the reasons that the team are up there. The young Croatian has led SUMN to countless victories in past tournaments, with his Raze plays being explosive as the agent herself.

Doma has become one of the team’s most dominant forces, scoring headshot after headshot against eXiLe eSports in their qualifying match. Will he be able to outwit foes such as ScreaM and Zyppan? Maybe so, but what’s for sure is that he’s going to give them a fight to remember.

North American players to watch

Jake ‘kaboose’ McDonald (Team Envy)

Kaboose might not get as much recognition on Envy as his teammates like FNS, Crashies, and food, but he’s proven to be the player this roster needs to fly right to the top. The duelist specialist was the star of the Envy lineup that ended up winning the First Strike NA NSG Qualifier, topping the Average Combat Score (ACS) charts and styling on the likes of T1 and 100 Thieves.

While he was a CS:GO veteran of five years, he never really got his chance in the spotlight while playing in MDL. Now, in Valorant First Strike, he really has the chance to get the breakout he’s been grinding for years.

Quan ‘dicey’ Tran (100 Thieves)

If there was any doubts about Dicey’s skill before he joined 100 Thieves, they’ve surely been silenced by now. The young star is on the rise in Valorant, spearheading an incredibly talented and experienced roster. He might not have the name value of his teammates like Hiko and nitr0, but give him six months and he will.

His Jett put Wardell to shame in the NSG Qualifier for First Strike, but he’s also shown he can pick up other roles like Sova as well while on Prospects. He also has the brain to match the aim: one can’t forget his insane 1v4 ace against Sentinels on Bind back in Pop Flash. Now in his biggest competition yet, Dicey really has the chance to cement himself as a household name in Valorant.

Jay ‘sinatraa’ Won (Sentinels)

Sinatraa has a real chance to become an undisputed GOAT in two titles. The Overwatch League MVP has made a splash in Valorant with Sentinels, and is widely considered to be the best player in NA. His ability to flex between Agents is testament to his versatility. Across just two series against 100 Thieves and T1 in the NSG Qualifier, he played four Agents in Raze, Sova, Jett, and Phoenix.

His uncanny ability to top the score charts, all while playing a more supportive role on Sova (most of the time) is incredible. There was a reason why he’s considered one of the best Overwatch players of all time, and now he’s living up to that GOAT title in Valorant.

Noah ‘jcStani’ Smith (Immortals)

Immortals have been through a lot of changes, but jcStani has been a rock for the squad. He’s filled in every possible role no matter who leaves, and although he more often than not finds himself on support, he still manages to frag out like a duelist.

jcStani’s leadership of the Immortals roster that has been in flux, even during First Strike with ShoT_Up’s illness, has steered them to where they are today. Now with things starting to stabilize, it’s only a matter of time until the best of Immortals and jcStani really gets to shine.

Notable mentions

Goo ‘Rb’ Sang-min (Vision Strikers)

Rb is probably the best Valorant player you’ve never heard of. The Vision Strikers star is the King of Korean Valorant. There’s a reason why his team are on an undefeated 43-0 streak, and a lot of it has to do with Rb. His incredible fragging ability allows his squad to execute the most well-coordinated strats seen across the globe.

Rb boasts a career ACS of 245. To put that in perspective, Sinatraa has a career ACS of 241, Ardiis has 245, and the only player who really beats him is ScreaM on 258. The level of competition in Korea is fierce as well between T1 Korea, C9 Korea, and more, but Rb manages to consistently come out on top on Jett, making him one of the most exciting prospects once international play gets going.

Chris ‘pl1xx’ Li (EXO Clan)

To round out our list, it’s time to take a trip down under to chat about EXO Clan’s pl1xx. Is there anything pl1xx can’t play? Probably not. He is an incredibly flexible player for Oceania’s number one team, and while he calls himself a Sova main, he can basically play anything his team needs, including Reyna and Raze.

A once-budding Counter-Strike prodigy, the Australian has found himself a new home in Valorant. Widely touted as Oceania’s best player – with maybe a bit of debate between his teammates – pl1xx’s flexibility and keen aim makes him one of the most versatile players not just in his home region, but across the globe.

So that’s it for our list of players to watch going into the global First Strike finals. There are a hundred different ways this list could have went, but these players are certainly standouts and we can wait to see how they perform.