Valorant Haven map guide: Callouts, strategies, more

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In a game like Valorant, map awareness and knowledge are critical. To help you plan out a solid attacking plan or draw up a sturdy defense we’ll be taking a look at all of Valorant’s maps, with this guide focusing on Haven.

Haven is one of Valorant’s most unique maps, in that it hosts three Reactor Sites as opposed to the traditional two-site format most FPS players are used to seeing.

With that in mind, we’d recommend familiarizing yourself with the Reactor Site locations and map callouts below, since we’ll be referring to them throughout this guide.

Callouts for Haven in Valorant.
All callouts for Haven — alongside all of the locations for Reactor Sites.

A great general piece of advice for Valorant maps: If you want to walk away with the W, communication is key — and telling your teammates where an enemy is camped out becomes much easier once you learn specific callouts. Even if your teammates use slightly different names for things, strategizing and talking is always better than staying silent.

Most of the major landmarks’ nicknames on Haven are shared with other maps. For example, Heaven, Hell, and Tunnels are callouts you’ll hear around the clock on your time in Future Earth. The tricky part can be learning where exactly these names are referenced on each map, and reacting appropriately. Take Garage, for example, it refers to two different things on Split and Haven respectively.

How to play as an Attacker on Haven

Reactor Site C

We’ll start with the C-Site. Generally considered the easiest one to push on Attack, it can be attacked from two routes: the C-Long route, or through Garage into C-Tunnel.

If you take the latter route, it’s wise to have a teammate smoke off Grass/Courtyard, to prevent any ambitious Defenders from ruining your push from the B point. A smoke-up in Nest (above Garage) is a good call too since there’s almost always a defender lying in wait by the Window.

For this reason, Omen’s smokes make him an almost must-pick agent on Haven. He only needs a couple of smokes to make it, while Brim would have to drop all of his utility to be effective. Either one is a fair shout though.

The obvious route to C is through Long, but you’ll have virtually no cover while moving to plant the Spike. If you do choose to go via this route, it’s wise to drop all your smokes and use the Cubby for cover.

in-game screenshot featuring the C site in Haven on Valorant.
Controlling the C site on Haven can be quite tricky unless you know the ins and outs of the map.

When it comes to planting on C, putting the Spike inside of the angle of the “L” shaped boxes is good for a quick strike (commonly referred to as default). But you can also plant on the opposite side of the L and sit behind the boxes in the back of C for longer holds.

Reactor Site B

Moving on, B-Site presents much more of a challenge for Attackers on Haven, since Defenders can pincer in and attack from multiple sides once they know you’re set up there.

Well-placed smokes can cut off enemies’ sightlines from A and C respectively, and they’ll definitely be rotating once they hear the Spike planted.

Speaking of Spikes, it’s wise to plant in the corners of the T-shaped container in the middle. It makes it easy to defend from Mid, and is super safe.

in-game screenshot of the B site in Haven on Valorant
The B site features a closed space that can be accessed from three different sides.

Reactor Site A

A-Site is similar to B in that it can be a bit challenging for Attackers to get a foothold on, since the Defenders will almost always have someone in the Window laying down fire from Heaven. If you do break through and establish yourself though, A is much easier than the middle point to hang onto.

For planting the Spike, hugging the A-Site Box facing towards A-Long is a popular spot, since you’ll also be shielded from enemy shots coming from above. Another good spot is the top right corner, just under the window. It helps if you have a Sage use her Barrier Orb here to block off Heaven when going for this spot.

How to play as a Defender on Haven

Reactor Site C

Defense can be a bit less nerve-wracking in Valorant since you don’t have to worry about planting the Spike, but this isn’t quite the case with Haven and its trio of sites, so your squad will be more dispersed. We’ll begin again on Defense with the C-Site, which can reliably be held down by two players — or one Cypher who knows what they’re doing!

A good way to split up the work is for one Agent to get on C where they can see both C-Long and Tunnel. Right behind the C-Site Box can work well, since it gives clear sightlines of both attacking points. Your other C Defender will want to stay near the B-Link and keep an eye on the window in Nest above the Garage, which is a popular route for offensive pushes.

Reactor Site B

This player at the B-Link could also act as a roamer to cover B-Site in the center. But if you want to set up there, towards the back of the site by Gong, or out on the A-Link looking in are both solid options. Again, a skilled Cypher is easily able to cover B by themselves with Trapwires and a well-placed Spycam, which makes the one-man surveillance network another good Agent choice for Haven.

in-game screenshot of the A site in Haven on Valorant
The Window(a.k.a. Heaven) is a very popular spot for camping in post-plant scenarios.

Reactor Site A

Again we come to A-Site, which might be the most straightforward point to hold on Haven. The key to A is Heaven control, which gives you a commanding view of the ramp leading up from the A-Long side and the Sewers coming from the Tunnel.

You’ll need to keep your wits about you if you man this crow’s nest because it’s definitely the first place players check when entering to plant on-site. Two Agents are recommended though, with the other taking cover by the long box on A, to back up the Heaven player, who will mainly be covering the A-Long route.

This might seem like a lot to take in, especially if you haven’t played Valorant before. But after a few matches, you’ll start to get the hang of things and get more familiar with the maps and how to play on them.

As we said earlier, communication is one of the most important things in Valorant, so even if you don’t have the map memorized, working together and communicating as a team can really help make playing both sides of the Spike a bit easier when Haven comes up in the queue.

So there you have it, our own curated guide for the Haven map in Valorant. In case you are looking to become a Future Earth champion? Be sure to check out our list of guides:

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