How to use the Marshal: Valorant weapon guide

How to use Valorant's MarshallRiot Games / Dexerto

Valorant’s Marshal offers great bang for your buck, but what’s the secret to running riot with it in the server? We delve into everything you need to know about the Sniper.

Valorant is complete with weapons from various classifications, to support an array of playstyles. With 17 different guns to choose from in six different categories, what dictates which weapon you should buy?

In this guide, we’ll cover the Marshal — detailing exactly why this weapon is a steal if you can’t afford its bigger brother, the Operator.

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What is the Marshal?

The Marshal is one of two Snipers in Valorant. While the Operator is loud and proud, the Marshal offers a more nimble approach in exchange for damage output.

Given that you’ll be scoped in the majority of the time that you’re using this weapon, movement speed is important. With that said, the Marshal offers you far more agility compared to the Operator. Let’s delve a little deeper into what makes this weapon so special.

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Marshal’s damage stats

Just like the Operator, there is no drop-off distance in damage output with the Marshal. Hitting your opponent in the head at point-blank range will dish out the same damage as hitting them from the other side of the map.

Although, unlike its bigger brother, the Marshal will struggle against enemies with Shields. Given that it only dishes out enough damage for a one-shot kill if you hit the enemy in the head (202), you’ll have to be extremely accurate if you’re looking to put this weapon to good use.

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While you’ll still be able to dish out a lot of damage if you’re tagging the enemy in the torso (101), it won’t be enough to send them to the sidelines if they’re equipped with Light or Heavy Shields. Bear this in mind when making the investment.

Valorant Marshal stats

Marshal’s hip-fire & movement accuracy

Unlike the Operator, the Marshal is much more accurate when firing from the hip. While you’ll want to use the weapon’s scope in almost every scenario that the Marshal is in your hands, it’s handy to know that bullets will fire straight out of the barrel if you get caught off-guard — providing you’re standing still.

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If you’re not standing still, however, you’ll suffer from the Marshal’s movement inaccuracy. While this carries across to almost every gun in the game, it is especially apparent with Snipers.

It’s worth noting that right at the beginning of the clip, you’ll notice a red dot appear in the center of your scope. This signals that you’re standing still and won’t suffer from any movement inaccuracy. Strafing with the weapon scoped in and intermittently coming to a standstill will get you used to the timing of when to fire a shot with this weapon.

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When to buy the Marshal

Given that the Marshal is only 950 Creds, you will be able to afford the Sniper in every round bar the opening round of the half. With that said, it’s not the price that dictates when you’ll want to buy this weapon.

Unless you’re confident in landing headshots the vast majority of the time, the Sniper’s damage output is what will decide when you invest in the Marshal.

If you anticipate that your opposition won’t be investing in Shields, then the Marshal is a solid buy. Likewise if you know the enemy squad is buying Shields, you might want to opt for something that can pack more of a punch.

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Best Agent to use the Marshal

Given that you’re much more agile with the Marshal, you’ll want to capitalize on this by choosing an Agent that will support this. A Duelist will equip you with the utility that will allow you to peek certain corners and get into areas other Agents simply can’t while minimizing the risk.

There’s one Agent that’s demonstrated she can already do that with the Operator, and it’s Jett. If you don’t have the 4,700 Creds to pull the trigger on the Operator, you can opt for the cheaper Marshal, especially on a second-round buy, and do the same thing.

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Reyna’s Leer is also perfect for swinging out into the open. Casting the eye through a nearby wall will offer your protection while blinding your enemy — meaning that you can swoop in for an easy kill. Given that the Marshal is relatively inexpensive, you’ll have the additional Creds to spend on two Leers (which will set you back 500 Creds).

Marshal tactics

While typically players will be tempted to sit back and be patient with the Marshal, that is most definitely not the best way to get the most out of this Sniper.

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Adopting a more aggressive playstyle while ensuring you stay tight to corners and anticipate your enemy’s position at headshot height, will allow you to get the most out of the scope. With no Dual-Zoom functionality, you’ll want to be getting a little closer to the action to be the best marksman possible.

Also, if you miss your headshot, it doesn’t matter. Even just landing a body shot can leave your opponents wounded, making it easy for your allies — or yourself — to clean up. This makes it a decent second-round or half-buy purchase if you fancy your aim, and want the scope to take long-range fights a Sheriff may struggle at.

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