Is the Operator good in Valorant? Damage stats, tactics, how to use

Alan Bernal

For people looking at how to best use the Operator in Valorant, we’re running down everything you need to know about the game’s most expensive weapon.

The Operator, commonly referred to as the ‘OP’ and pronounced ‘AWP’ (go figure), will give players the most bang for their buck, as long as they hit their shots. It’s a high-risk, high-reward weapon that synergizes with some Agents over others.

For those looking for a detailed breakdown of the sniper, take a look below to catch its damage stats and weapon breakdown below for a complete look at the BSW-460 Operator in Valorant.


What is the Operator in Valorant?

The Operator is one of two snipers in Valorant. A coveted one-shot kill weapon that can easily turn a game, it’s the big brother for the much more accessible Marshal.

Since it’s a scoped weapon, the OP demands accuracy over precision and rewards those who hit their shots more often than not. Unlike other weapons, one or two shots are all you need to influence a round. If they hit their mark, that is.

Is the Operator a good gun in Valorant?

In the right hands, the Operator is the best gun in Valorant. The gun is meant to be oppressive but it comes down to the player landing shots.

Even if your team has a weak buy in a round, a poor squad will be happy to pool its resources together to afford one if an OPer’s performance, up to that point, justifies the investment.

Aside from price tweaks and its initial balance changes, the OP has remained largely untouched by patches and will stay in meta despite its heavy 4,700 Creds cost.

Operator damage stats

  • Magazine Capacity: 5
  • Wall Penetration: High
  • Fire rate: 0.75 rounds/sec
Location Damage at 0-30m  Damage at 30-50m
Head 255 255
Torso 150 150
Legs 120 120

Spray pattern

At all times, the Operator has one shot in the chamber. Scoping in is the de facto way to use it and will give you the best accuracy, but that doesn’t mean players can’t get away with a close-ranged no-scope.

If a gameplan has you holding down a single angle, consider zooming in with the scope to get the first reaction if someone pokes around it.

But if opponents rush your position, center your aim to try out a no-scope. It’s not always the best option since hip-fire shots aren’t pin-point accurate, but you miss all the shots you don’t take.

How to use the Operator in Valorant

When to buy the Operator

Buying into the 4,700 Creds weapon is an investment whether your team is thriving or strapped for cash. But using the OP could easily pay for itself with a couple of quick kills to shutdown an entire round.

If you fancy yourself as the team’s best primary sniper, then feel free to purchase the Operator on defense when your team can full buy too. On offense, however, think about what the gameplan is before buying it since it could slow down a team trying to rush a site.

valorant operator
The OP can be used to reinforce defenses or as the tip of the spear for an offense.

Operator tactics

Before we get into the best Agents to use the Operator, there are some basics to keep in mind for much better gameplay with the sniper.

If you practice your flicks often, then hold your scope’s red dot closer to the wall’s edge you’re aiming at. If not, then give yourself a bit of a lead space in case someone rushes out from a corner.

The point of the Operator is getting the first shot off. If you miss it or get beat on an angle, consider repositioning deeper into a site.

Valorant is all about risk management. Unless you’re in higher ranks, re-peeking an angle with an OP should always be a calculated decision or a one-off heat check. That’s because your freedom with the Operator heavily relies on both your communication and your team’s ability to play around it.

Lastly, stay mobile. As an Operator, if you’re succeeding with the weapon, the other team will notice. They’ll either play to counter you or play to avoid you. In either case, even after a successful round or during an extended round, consider repositioning to keep the opponents guessing where you are to maximize the gun’s influence around the map.

Best Agents to use the OP

valorant jett
Jett synergizes really well with the Operator.

You can feel comfortable using the OP with any Agent but some picks like Jett can give more options to freely use the gun.

Jett’s dashes and updraft give her the best moves to throw off opponents or quickly escape should she get beaten off the rip. Agents like Omen and Killjoy can set up areas where they can balance the dangers of holding an angle while denying space to keep enemies at bay.

In that vein, Agents who have a way to escape or lockdown sightlines can force favorable angles to land a shot. If you’re playing as an Agent that relies on its utility to facilitate a team, it could get tricky to optimize both the sniper and your ability kit.

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