When is Valorant Episode 4? Act 1 details & leaks, release date

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Valorant Episode 4 is finally arriving ⁠— with Episode 3 coming to its conclusion, Valorant players can expect a big hit of content come January 2022. Here’s what we know so far, including all map and Agent leaks and details, as well as a prospective release date.

Valorant Episode 3 is coming to an end, and that means a big hit of content is coming with Valorant Episode 4 on the horizon.

The twice-yearly Episode updates are much bigger in spectacle compared to the smaller Act ones, and there’s plenty of anticipation surrounding new Agents and maps in Episode 4.

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Here’s what we know so far about Valorant Episode 4, including the Act 1 release date, and what to expect in the update.

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Valorant Episode 4 is fast approaching.

Valorant Episode 4 Act 1 release date

Valorant Episode 4 is set to release on January 12, 2022, right as Valorant Episode 3 Act 3 wraps up. However, this date isn’t locked in, and could flux as launch nears.

Much like the previous Episodes, you can expect Valorant Episode 4 to follow the three-Act update schedule, with big patches every two months dropping new content like maps and Agents.

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What’s coming in Valorant Episode 4?

New map leaks

After being initially teased in an October 2021 blog post, Valorant players have been scouring for any details on the game’s eighth map.

According to lore expert ‘Cynprel’, Valorant’s next battlefield will be set in Lisbon, Portugal, with teasers being uncovered in the RiotX Arcane event. These have also been tied to emails released alongside Fracture’s release, which talked about a “city-wide geo dome”.

However, no date has been set for when the new map will come out. Given Fracture dropped in Valorant Episode 3 Act 2, we might have to wait until later in Episode 4 to get Valorant’s eighth battleground.

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Valorant Agent 18: What we know

Valorant’s 18th Agent will likely be released in Valorant Episode 4 Act 1. Two datamined characters, codenamed Deadeye and Sprinter, were uncovered leading into Episode 3. Now with Chamber (then Deadeye) released, it’s expected Sprinter isn’t far behind.

The name Sprinter is a hint in itself ⁠— it’s likely the Agent will utilize plenty of movement abilities to traverse maps quickly.

Recent leaks on the PBE have also speculated the new Agent will be Filipino, with Night.Market promo art resembling traditional decorations from the country. Other images have had co-ordinates for Manila, the capital of the Philippines, hidden as easter eggs.

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However, nothing official has come out regarding the next upcoming Valorant Agent. We’ll update you once that changes.

Potential progression system rework adds “Match Boxes”

While not confirmed, Valorant’s progression system is likely getting a rework in Episode 4. Early details uncovered on the PBE revealed new “Match Boxes”, which players obtain after playing games.

What exactly is in these boxes is unknown, but with the mention of credits and other forms of customization, players are expecting a loot box-style system akin to Apex Legends or Overwatch.

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However, with only vague details available at the moment, this is purely speculation. We will keep you updated with this as Valorant Episode 4 approaches.

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