Valorant progression system rework reportedly adds “Match Boxes” in Episode 4

Omen and Viper using Zedd Spectrum skins on Valorant IceboxRiot Games

Valorant’s progression system is reportedly getting a rework ahead of Episode 4, with new “Match Boxes” being added in the game’s files. The new progression system will also introduce credits, and a new way of getting in-game items.

Valorant’s progression system has remained largely unchanged since the game’s launch.

Each Act, there are new battle passes for players to grind, skins come to the shop in bundles and then on random rotation (including the Black.Market). There’s also rewards you can earn through Twitch Prime and other special events.

However, in Episode 4, Riot is reportedly testing an entire rework for the system. This includes the addition of “Match Boxes” and an Act Points system that could completely overhaul how players obtain cosmetics.

Riot Games
Valorant’s progression system is reportedly getting a rework, with new “Match Boxes” in testing.

Valorant progression rework reportedly coming soon

Early details of a Valorant progression rework dropped on December 3’s PBE update ahead of patch 3.12.

A Daily Bonus has been added into the game’s code, with Match Boxes being listed in the game’s code. These match boxes give “rewards for playing matches and bonus boxes are awarded for winning,” according to dataminer ‘ValorLeaks’.

A credit system is also being added that extends past Valorant’s current two currencies of Valorant Points (VP) and Radianite Points (RP). This is reportedly called Act Points (AP), given to players by opening boxes.

What are match boxes in Valorant?

There’s been a bit more info on Valorant match boxes since the initial leaks.

On the vague description, it sounds akin to progression systems in Overwatch and Apex Legends. According to ValorLeaks, players can earn boxes from wins or logging in daily. When you open the box, you get Act Points.

What you can use these Act Points for remains unclear, but this might be a step towards some more exclusive progression rewards for those who grind out the game Act after Act — beyond the battle pass.

It’s unclear if these will be purchasable like similar loot boxes in other games.

Loot box systems have been widely criticized in the last couple of years in gaming for promoting gambling, and also being potentially deceitful by hiding odds. There have been protections put in place in some games and countries, including listed roll odds, but not all.There’s no expected date for the progression system changes to ship, but they’ll likely hit the Valorant PBE first some time in Episode 4. We will keep you updated on it as more news becomes available.