Riot finally adds long-awaited Agent-specific keybinds to Valorant

Riot Games

Agent-specific keybinds are coming to Valorant in the 3.12 update for players to customize their button layouts and make them unique for every character in the game.

Riot Games will finally let players set up different binds depending on which Valorant Agent they play, a quality of life feature long-requested by the community. People will be able to remap all three abilities plus Agent ultimates and even movement controls.

The feature will give players a ton of liberty to either retool a specific Agent or bundle a few characters together to lump different settings how they see fit.

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Since every Agent utilizes their abilities in different ways, people will now have a way to build optimal profiles that synergize with their gameplay.

valorant keybinds Riot Games via ValorLeaks
Valorant will soon let players remap keybinds for every Agents.

Valorant Agent-specific keybinds

The Valorant PBE revealed the feature will officially be on the way after a few leaks gave the player base a clear idea of what to expect.

People won’t be able to create more than one profile per Agent so you won’t be able to switch out different key layouts.

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As for your default keybinds, Riot will give you a chance to save and copy them throughout every character’s profile so that you can tinker with the finer details yourself.

valorant keybindsRiot Games via ValorLeaks
Valorant Agent-specific keybinds will give people the freedom to set up every character as they see fit.

Another QoL update will let people instantly see which keybind change conflicts with another key instead of it just swapping out the actions without a notification.

To make sure people don’t mess up their profiles among all the changes, there will even be an option to revert individual changes to what they were at the time the profile was created.

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Players who specialize in a certain character or class will have a much better time tailoring their gameplay experience once the Valorant 3.12 patch update lands in the coming weeks.

Valorant PBE 3.12 patch for Agent keybinds

  • Go to Settings >> Controls >> Actions to get started
  • Added ability to create, delete, and search for keybind profiles for each agent. You cannot create more than one profile per agent.
  • Added ability to copy your default keybindings to a single profile or all profiles at once
  • Now when your keybinds are in conflict, you can see what other things the binding is assigned to
  • You can revert individual changes made to bindings in each keybind profile. Reverting will reset the keybind to what it was at the time the profile was created.