The best Valorant players of 2024 so far

Declan Mclaughlin

The 2024 Valorant esports season started with a bang as each international league completed a kickoff tournament to decide the representatives for the first Masters tournament in Madrid. The circuit still has two more major tournaments to complete, so here are the best players in professional Valorant so far this year.

The 2023 Valorant esports season ended with Evil Geniuses lifting the Valorant Champions trophy after Fnatic claimed the two international titles before them. 2024, however, is a new year with new metas, weapons, and agents. The slate has been wiped clean in terms of who are the best professional Valorant players and Dexerto is keeping an updated list of the top five pros in the world.

This list ranks these players largely on international tournament performance, statistics, and placement, along with domestic dominance. While some of the best players in the world might miss out on a tournament or two, the cream of the crop in professional Valorant should be able to attend a Masters LAN and play their way into this list.

Best Valorant players 2024 so far


5 — Felipe ‘Less’ Basso

Loud Less
Less has been to multiple international events with LOUD.

Less is a veteran of the international stage and put up another solid performance for LOUD at VCT Masters Madrid. While LOUD was shut out of the top three at the tournament, the North American side dealt with both Chinese league teams with ease to make the playoff stage.

Less also finished the tournament ranked in the top five in Kill/Death ratio, Kill/Assist/Survive/Trade Percentage, and VLR Rating. While that might be expected for Duelists, Less sticks to smoke and Sentinel roles, making his statistics stand out even more.

4 — Jason ‘f0rsakeN’ Susanto

Paper Rex's f0rsaken poses for the camera at Valorant Masters Iceland
Paper Rex’s f0rsaken poses for the camera at Valorant Masters Iceland.

f0rsakeN is another veteran of international competition and continued to show why he is a centerpiece in Paper Rex’s roster. He piloted several different agents across his six matches in Madrid, playing Duelists, Initiators, Controllers, and Cypher in a short time.

The adaptable player is always up to switch roles to slot in wherever the team needs him to and maintain a high level of play. Statistically, the VCT Pacific player only really finished near the top of the leaderboard in Assists Per Round. However, his impact during matches and for his team stylistically is unmatched.

3 — Kim ‘Meteor’ Tae-o

Meteor has been a flexible piece for Gen.G.

Meteor was one of the biggest reasons Gen.G managed to make its first international Grand Finals in its first VCT Masters appearance. The South Korean player was able to frag on Duelists and Sentinels and was a formidable entry duo with his teammate Kim ‘t3xture’ Na-ra.

Meteor finished in the top 10 at Madrid in Average Combat Score, K/D, and Average Damage Per Round. He also routed Sentinels in their first matchup at the tournament, logging 56 kills across two maps against the North American team.

2 — Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo

TenZ on Sentinels before VCT free agency began
TenZ has two international trophies to his name.

TenZ, for many Valorant esports watchers, is the best player in the world. At Madrid, he put up numbers that put him in the conversation thanks to his Omen and KAY/0 play.

The Canadian has become a consistent threat for Sentinels in a more supportive role, taking fights that only he seems to be able to win. TenZ is also a fantastic supportive player, he finished with the highest average assists per round in the tournament at 0.54. The player with the second-highest APR was a Heretics player at 0.48 APR.

Winning the tournament, and putting up masterful numbers like that, lands TenZ high up in this list.

1 — Zachary ‘zekken’ Patrone

zekken won his first Masters title with Sentinels.

The player that took over many rounds for Sentinels, and was their best-looking player across Masters Madrid was zekken. The Duelist player often won rounds for his team thanks to securing the first pick, and dashing out of the fight.

zekken led the tournament in ACS, ADR, Average Kills Per Round and First Kill Per Round, all statistics that Duelists should be able to excel in to rank highly. While he might not call himself the best Duelists in the world, he is our No. 1 player in the world based on his performance internationally in 2024 so far.