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Valorant abilities leaked for unreleased agents Shatter & Crusader

Published: 20/Jul/2020 11:36

by Andy Williams


A fresh Valorant leak has unveiled some details pertaining to the unreleased Agents known as ‘Shatter’ and ‘Crusader’ — with the latter shaping up to be the perfect counter to Raze.

Following the release of Reyna, Valorant plays host to 11 Agents, each with their own diverse set of abilities that bring something unique to the table.

With the roster of characters so heavily stacked towards Duelists, plenty of fans are eager to see whether a new Initiator or Sentinel is in the works.

Riot has previously announced that we can expect to see three new Agents within each Episode, with one releasing when a new Act drops (roughly every two months).

Riot's Episode 1 roadmap for Valorant.
Riot Games
Could this silhouette be the next Agent on the horizon?

Valorant leak: Shatter abilities

While it appears that either ‘Killjoy’ or ‘Bombshell’ will most likely surface in Episode 1: Act 2, there are a couple more hidden gems within the game files relating to some unreleased characters.

One name which might be familiar among fans is Shatter. First discovered in a leak dating back to Valorant’s closed beta, Shatter’s abilities revolve around ‘duping’ their opponent. ‘Decoy,’ for example, would allow Shatter to create a copy of themselves to trick their opposite number.

‘Clone Explode’ has been an ability previously left up to interpretation, but now — thanks to a leaked audio file — we can deduce that the ability would essentially allow Shatter to create a cloned version of themselves that would kamikaze their way into a specific location.

Valorant leak: Crusader abilities

According to previous leaks, Crusader is an early prototype that was later reworked into Breach but, according to Valorant Express’ leak, Crusader would have had a Riot Shield ability that would “block damage when he is planting the bomb and even be throwable.”

To top it off, Crusader would also come with a throwable grenade, which may have resembled that of popular Duelist, Raze.

While it’s unknown whether Riot will continue to build on either Shatter or Crusader, there’s no doubt that they would both bring a unique twist to the meta.


Valorant dev responds to players asking for map-specific queues

Published: 29/Nov/2020 1:30

by Alan Bernal


A Valorant developer gave weight to the idea of map-specific queues after Icebox’s mixed reception made it difficult for some to get any meaningful practice on the map.

Icebox has been a divisive addition to Valorant. There are some members of the community who swear it’s a great example of a tactical map that demands a thoughtful approach to Agent ability usage; and there are others who believe it’s the worst map to grace the game.

Unfortunately, people in either camp share the same matchmaking playlist. This presents a problem, at times, in which people who want to play Icebox can matchmake with someone else who will then dodge that particular map.

Luckily, there are discussions within Riot Games for a solution that could include special playlists that feature specific maps.

Riot Games
Some players have been dodging Icebox too many times, and Riot might try to find a solution for it.

“Could you please put a separate queue so that we can quickly get some experience,” a message to Riot said. “I found it hard to get used to Icebox because people keep dodging so I can’t rack up the hours to get used to the map.”

Riot Insight and Strategy dev on Valorant, Coleman ‘Altombre’ Palm, responded with an encouraging word, noting how the idea is “a great suggestion and it’s something we’ve talked about ourselves as well.”

One of the last times Riot addressed map selection playlists was back in July, when Senior Producer Ian Fielding said from a competitive standpoint, separating the matchmaking pool wasn’t ideal for players.

“Splitting up matchmaking into separate map pools would reduce the overall players in our matchmaking pool,” Fielding said in an Ask Valorant blog. “Which not only slows down matchmaking, but makes it more difficult for us to produce fair matches.

“Given that, we currently don’t have plans to enable map specific selection for Matchmaking.”

riot valorant map selection

As disappointed as some players might have been, Altombre’s update has given some hope that Valorant could one day include these smaller matchmaking queues.

Although who’s to say it would look anything like the kind found in CS:GO. In League of Legends, Riot has people lock in a primary and secondary role to choose which one they get in a match.

In some instances, a player won’t get either. Moreover, if the system determines there’s a lack of sufficient players queuing for a certain role, then the game offers a brief reward for anyone willing to fill it.

csgo map selector matchmaking
Valve via 7tlo Reddit
A map selector could be coming to Valorant, though it might not look what people are familiar in CS:GO.

A general idea like that could be applied to Valorant’s maps. Although tweaked to fit the concept, that could be a solution to let people choose which two locales they prefer, while maintaining the possibility of getting any map at the end of the day.

In either case, it sounds like Riot wants to tackle this issue in some capacity soon, and hopefully it results in a meaningful quality of life update for Valorant.