New Valorant Agent 15 teasers spotted in-game after 2.03 update

Brad Norton

The first hints at Valorant’s next Agent have appeared in-game following patch 2.03, as players have spotted peculiar visuals across a number of maps.

While the latest Valorant patch introduced plenty of key balance changes, there was more to the update than first meets the eye. A new game type, Reyna changes, and Yoru buffs headlined the latest overhaul, though a handful of secrets were also bundled in.

We’ve already been handed some information on Agent 15, but these new secrets are the first in-game teasers for what comes next in Valorant.

Agent 15 is set to be the fourth Controller and cause a “cosmic shift” in the game. With unique visuals now appearing across Valorant, cosmic definitely seems like an appropriate label.

One of the first teasers was spotted by Valorant player ‘cynprel’ on Haven. After loading into the map, they noticed something out of the ordinary behind the Defender spawn. Atop a green crate wedged into the wall was a glowing yellow effect, currently being labeled as an Ember.

This Ember is unlike anything else in the game today. It appears similar to a flash effect but with a few extra details. There are spherical outlines surrounding the bright centre, along with a smoke effect emanating from within.

While there’s no confirmation on what this means for now, these teasers lend perfectly to early speculation. If Agent 15 has been designed for “galaxy brain players,” as Riot explained, a blend of abilities could be in the cards. Perhaps this mix of a flash and a smoke could indicate the upcoming kit.

Agent 15 might be able to wield both powerful effects, flashing enemies where appropriate while smoking sight lines as well. With Act 2 of Episode 2 loosely set for March 2, we shouldn’t have to wait much longer to find out if this is indeed the case.

Valorant Agent 15 teaser
Agent 15 could drop into battle with a mixture of stuns and smokes.

These Embers didn’t just appear on Haven. Players have begun noticing the exact same visuals on Icebox and Bind as well. It’s entirely likely they’re hidden away throughout Split and Ascent as well.

With the first in-game teasers now appearing, be sure to keep your eyes peeled over the coming days. Riot could drop further easter eggs without letting anyone know. 

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