Valorant dev responds after Dr Disrespect wants to design new map

Dr Disrespect plays ValorantRiot Games/Dr Disrespect

Legendary streamer Dr Disrespect is finally enjoying Riot Games’ first-ever foray into the FPS genre with Valorant – but he had some words for the game’s developers regarding the quality of maps.

On February 9, the two-time look to Twitter to post some clutch gameplay where he secured the round-winning frag in dramatic fashion.

“I love this feeling,” he said in the clip just before landing a headshot onto the remaining member of the enemy team. “Just knowing that I can read the fucking situation like it’s nothing. I love this feeling.”

While Doc may be loving the feeling of playing well, that didn’t stop him from being a bit critical of the game’s maps.

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“Valorant is somewhat addicting. They just need a few more fun maps in the rotation,” he captioned the video. “Flip phone is wide open, Riot Games.”

The flip phone remark is a reference to a sketch Doc acts out on stream where he “gets a call” from another streamer, developer, or even us at Dexerto. It’s really one of the best parts of his stream, and can lead to some funny moments.

The big takeaway here, though, is that it seems like Doc wants to help design a map for Valorant. He does have a lot of experience in that department, having developed some maps for Call of Duty and even had a big part in Rogue Company’s Arena map.

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Shortly after the two-time’s tweet, Riot’s Lydia Zanotti, a 3D environment artist who works on Valorant’s maps, replied.

“I’ll get you more maps,” she responded. “I promise.”

Zanotti concluded her message with a pleading face emoji. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Doc will be bringing his signature violence, speed and momentum to a Valorant map anytime soon, but rest assured, fans definitely want to see it.

In the comments, many voiced their approval, hoping that Riot would let the two-time develop a map for the tactical shooter. Whether they take him up on the offer in the future, however, remains undecided.

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