How to surrender in Valorant

how to surrender valorantRiot Games

Are you struggling to get that all-important dub? Or are some of your teammates AFK? Either way, here’s how to surrender in Valorant. 

While launching into a game of Valorant with your squadmates can be a great way to while away the hours, sometimes games don’t quite go as expected.

Whether it’s because of poor matchmaking or cheaters, or just because you’re having an off day, sometimes playing through the rest of the match can just get a bit too much.

So, if all hope is gone and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel other than Breach or Skye flashes, here’s how you surrender in Valorant.

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Are your teammates being a Killjoy (literally?) Here’s how to ff.

How to surrender in Valorant

It’s important to note, though, that even if you’re not feeling the game, bowing out is a team effort.

In Unrated, 80% of the team, so three out of five players in a full squad, will have to agree to surrender with you. When it comes to rated, or Ranked100% of players must agree to forfeit.

In order to surrender in Valorant, you need to:

  1. Type /ff, /forfeit, /surrender, /concede or in the chat.
  2. Wait until Round 4.
    • Any Surrender votes will be queued until then.
  3. When the Surrender vote pops up on-screen click F5 for yes.
    • F6 is no.
  4. If the correct amount of votes are placed, you will surrender next round.

Surrendering in Valorant is a pretty easy thing to do, but it’s always worth remembering that comebacks do happen, and maybe switching sides will be the magic that your team needs to thrive again.

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Valorant defeat screenRiot Games
Choosing to Surrender will end in defeat for your team.

How to minimize surrenders

There are a few ways to try and stop surrenders coming through constantly:

  • Team up with friends – playing in a five stack will improve your communication and help you play better.
  • Buy other players what they need – if you can afford it, buy other players the weapons they ask for. Of course, judge the situation, but a good gun in the right hands can make or break a teamfight.
  • Communicate in the chat – if you’re playing with randoms, let them know what’s happening via the in-game chat or the voice chat.
  • It’s nice to be nice – a lot of surrenders can be avoided by playing amicably. Just be kind, it’ll be better in the long run.

For more tips and tricks, we’ve complied a full guide to all things Valorant here.

So that’s how to surrender in Valorant! For all of the latest news on Riot’s FPS, be sure to check out our main page, as well as our collection of guides.

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