TSM Subroza slams Valorant’s ranked system: “nothing makes sense”

TSM Subroza slams Valorant Ranked systemRiot Games, Instagram: subrozayt

After a Valorant stream gone hilariously wrong, TSM’s Yassine ‘Subroza’ Taoufik has slammed the game’s ranked system.

Despite Valorant existing for over a year now, Riot Games seem to be struggling with the in-game ranked system. Entitled ‘Rated,’ this is the place where competitive players can truly thrive.

Whilst Riot’s Senior Competitive Designer, EvrMoar, claimed that Episode 3 would see a harsh ranked reset, the updated version appears to be very hit and miss.

With the likes of Twitch star Shroud slamming the game’s ranked design in the past, TSM FTX player Subroza has weighed in on the state of Valorant Ranked.

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TSM FTX Valorant RosterTSM FTX
Subroza has become the backbone of TSM FTX’s Valorant roster.

Subroza slams Valorant ranked

After a stream that saw failure after failure from some of the supposed best players in North America, Subroza has made his frustrations with the Rated system very clear.

Whilst playing Subroza fell victim to poor matchmaking, with one Killjoy planting a turret in front of him before he dashed in to snag kills as Jett on Split.

A game on Bind later in the stream saw his teammates fail to protect him as he dashed into the map’s teleporter to score what appeared to be an easy two kills. “Don’t even come close to me,” he tells his teammates.

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“They just follow, no one has ideas, no one knows what to do. What the f**k is this s**t. Oh my god this Game is bad! Who made this game? Six year old f**cking devs or some s**t?”

Following this series of unfortunate events, the TSM pro went on to voice his complaints on Twitter, writing that “NOTHING makes sense in Valorant Ranked.”

The short but sweet tweet has accrued 5k upvotes at the time of writing, and the comments are jam-packed with other players discussing their opinions on the ranked system. Unsurprisingly, they’re largely negative.

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Even Team Envy pro mummAy dropped a comment echoing Subroza, writing “it’s a s**tstorm.”

It’s clear that Riot have a lot of work to do before the ranked system is in a place that pleases the vast majority of players. As the game continues to grow and progress, it’ll be interesting to see if the devs incorporate Subroza’s feedback.