MrBeast & Kai Cenat come clean on viral July 4 fireworks prank

Meera Jacka
Kai Cenat with MrBeast

MrBeast and Kai Cenat have revealed the truth about their viral July 4 fireworks stream that saw the latter’s ‘room’ go up in flames.

The collaboration between Twitch’s Kai Cenat and YouTube’s MrBeast was eagerly awaited by fans, with both creators at the top of their game on each platform. The crossover finally came to fruition on July 3 on Kai’s Twitch channel, however, things appeared to go terribly wrong when fellow content creator Davis accidentally set off a wall of over 100 fireworks.

Kai’s ‘room’ went up in flames as the creators fled, and he later shared on X (formerly Twitter) that he was “done with all this sh**”. But not all viewers were convinced the stunt was real, as some pointed to a few peculiar details leading them to believe the room was actually a set.

Now, it has been revealed by MrBeast that those eagle-eyed fans were right on the money.

The YouTube philanthropist’s big reveal arrived via TikTok, as MrBeast shared behind-the-scene footage that showcased how the firework stunt was pulled off.

As it turns out, Kai’s viral July 4 stream was filmed in the “middle of a field” inside a “scale replica” of the popular Twitch streamer’s room.

A “little tunnel” led into the duplicate room, which came complete with Kai’s streaming setup and various decorations. Kai stated, “We’re going to blow it up in front of hundreds of thousands.”

“We recreated his room in a field so he can have a firework war and start launching stuff,” MrBeast explained. “And when it inevitably burns down, we’ll prank you guys.”

MrBeast also joked that if things ended up “backfiring” and the stream turned out to be “a really bad prank”, Kai would “[assume] all responsibility” – though the Twitch streamer didn’t appear to be on board with this idea.

Considering how viral the stream ended up being, the prank certainly paid off. Though it almost came at the cost of Kai’s Twitch account.

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