Kai Cenat claims Twitch almost banned him over staged fireworks stunt

Carver Fisher

Kai Cenat put together a fake stream setup to fool his chat into thinking his room got blown up by fireworks, but he didn’t clue Twitch into the ruse. Kai’s bamboozle almost got him banned from the platform.

Though he’s had a number of chaotic stream events and unscripted moments over the years, Kai Cenat’s room seemingly getting blown up by fireworks was on a different level and left fans concerned for him.

However, it didn’t take long for viewers to realize that the room was a set, one that was made to resemble his normal stream room at a glance with a few differences.

It was convincing enough that Kai Cenat almost got banned from Twitch over it according to his claims, with him admitting that the whole thing was a setup.

“They told us ASAP, we can get banned for blowing it up. We didn’t know this whole time,” he explained.

“That’s why the VOD went down. If anyone went to check the VOD, the VOD disappeared. I was on the verge of getting banned, I had to hurry up and tell my rep – the people that represent me on Twitch – I had to show them everything, I had to show them the whole set.”

Kai Cenat’s ban would have been on the grounds of him showing something that could have endangered his life or that of those around him, even if no one was hurt.

Twitch’s community guidelines on the subject read as follows:

“We also prohibit activity that may endanger your life, lead to your physical harm, or encourage others to engage in physically harmful behavior. We do not make exceptions for self-destructive behavior performed as a stunt or gag made in jest, or meant to entertain when the behavior could reasonably be expected to cause physical injury to anyone on our service.”

Even if it was a stunt, he had to prove that it was done safely. Kai Cenat followed up by releasing a video of him and MrBeast next to the set in a wide-open field, one that showed that it was completely staged.

Kai and the rest of his crew had a bunker they were hiding out in that sheltered them from the fireworks, and they celebrated pulling the prank off successfully, with him screaming “They believe it!” after seeing his chat’s reaction.

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