Kai Cenat confronts stranger over “racist” remark toward his friend

Virginia Glaze

Twitch star Kai Cenat confronted a bystander over a “racist” remark they made toward his friend, Ray, following them down the street and yelling at them in a heated confrontation.

Kai Cenat first met his friend Ray while visiting Japan during an IRL stream in 2023. The two kept in touch after that, and Kai even flew all the way out to Taiwan to attend Ray’s graduation in May 2024.

Their friendship blossomed on stream in real-time for viewers to see, and it’s clear that Kai values his buddy as the two continue to link up and hang out together on stream.

Kai Cenat Ray graduation

In fact, Kai went so far as to openly confront a stranger for making a racist comment toward Ray during a live stream on June 16, 2024. When two white men passed by, Kai, Ray, and a group of friends were chowing down on some late-night bites during an evening out on the town.

One of the men made a comment that can be heard on camera, saying that Ray “looks like RiceGum,” an Asian YouTuber and retired streamer.

Kai instantly took issue with the strangers’ comments and confronted them, following the men down the street as he shouted at them, demanding answers for their offensive remarks.

“Hey, that’s racist, bro!” Kai yelled. “Bro, what do you mean he looks like RiceGum, gang? You’re gonna keep walking like that’s not racist? Bro, that’s f*cking racist!

“F*ck you mean he look like RiceGum? What the f*ck? You look like f*ckin’ Adam Sandler! Peter Parker!”

The stranger put up his hands, joking that he wanted “no press” as he continued to walk down the street.

“Let me guess — I look like Chief Keef, motherf*cker?” Kai shouted at the “drive-by racist.”

Eventually, Kai and his buddies decided they’d had enough of the situation and called off their pursuit, but the internet is celebrating the streamer for defending his friend.

“Kai is a dope af, he doesn’t let anyone bully Ray,” one user wrote on X.

“W Kai Cenat,” several other comments read.

This is just the latest viral moment to come from one of Kai Cenat’s streams after the broadcaster defended himself when viewers called him “weird” for attending North West’s birthday party.

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