How Young Sheldon missed huge death connection in Season 7

Jasmine Valentine
George in Young Sheldon

George’s death was emotional enough in Young Sheldon, but Season 7’s ending may have missed a crucial plot it had just introduced.

The Young Sheldon Season 7 finale ended on a high, but was tinged by George’s death in Episode 12. After a tear-jerking sendoff, the Cooper family tries to move on — but some fans think one plot line should have been incorporated into how Sheldon’s dad died.

In Season 7 Episode 11, it’s revealed that George had a secret vasectomy after Mary hinted that she wanted more kids, but actually has nothing to do with his death in the following episode.

George in Young Sheldon

One fan posted on Reddit: “I thought there was going to be some type of connection between George getting a vasectomy behind Mary’s back to his death. Like, somehow the heart attack was caused by complications of surgery. And/or Mary was going to find out about his vasectomy right before he died and their last conversation would be a fight.

“I was surprised they didn’t address this again because it seemed like a big deal that he did this without being honest.”

A second agreed: “I really don’t understand why the vasectomy storyline was there.”

While this might have been included to trick viewers into a false sense of security, there could have been another intention. Young Sheldon continued to get one horrible thing right with George’s death, which is that life goes on regardless.

As for George’s actual death, a heart attack was the most expected way for him to exit. He first had heart problems in Season 1 before further complications in Season 5.

Given George’s young age — which fans might have noticed changed in Young Sheldon thanks to his tombstone — an unexplained family history also could have played a part in his sudden death.

Fan tributes have been pouring in since the funeral episode aired, from online fan edits to real-life memorials.

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