Yellowstone star reveals what to expect in Season 5’s final episodes

Daisy Phillipson
Kayce Dutton star Luke Grimes in Yellowstone

Amid the news that Yellowstone is officially ending after Season 5, a star of the neo-Western show has revealed what to expect in the final episodes. 

Ever since Season 5 Part 1 of Taylor Sheridan’s flagship Yellowstone series dropped last November, fans have been on tenderhooks wondering when the second chapter will arrive – and if the show will be canceled

The series has been plagued with rumors and speculation, many of which involve John Dutton star Kevin Costner, who has been busy working on his four-movie Western epic Horizon

Earlier this week, the rumors were put to bed when Paramount confirmed that Yellowstone will, in fact, end after Season 5, and the franchise will live on through its various spin-offs. However, we’ve still got an entire batch of new episodes to come, with Kayce Dutton star Luke Grimes teasing what to expect. 

Yellowstone star teases what to expect in Season 5 Part 2

In a conversation with Entertainment Tonight, Luke Grimes told fans to expect “juicy drama” in Season 5 Part 2 of Yellowstone.  

“Love and family and serve your tribe, your people – that’s a huge theme in the show,” he told the outlet. 

“With Kayce, he has a hard time choosing his relationship with his father versus his relationship with his wife and son. I think it’s because it all really matters and it matters to all of the characters.”

“That’s sort of where you get all of this really juicy drama, is that everyone is sort of fighting for their team. There’s no right team or wrong team, it’s just a bunch of people trying to figure out how to do what’s best for their own.”

When will Yellowstone’s final episodes air?

Although Part 2 of Yellowstone’s fifth and final season was originally slated to drop in summer 2023, Paramount revealed it’ll actually be arriving in November. 

Thankfully, this doesn’t spell the end of the franchise thanks to its various spin-offs such as 1883, 1923, and 6666. What’s more, an untitled sequel series will come to Paramount and Paramount+ in December.

In a statement, Chris McCarthy, president & CEO of Showtime and MTV Entertainment Studios, said: “Yellowstone has been the cornerstone on which we have launched an entire universe of global hits – from 1883 to Tulsa King, and I am confident our sequel will be another big hit, thanks to the brilliant creative mind of Taylor Sheridan and our incredible casts who bring these shows to life.”

No details are known about the sequel series, but it’s believed Matthew McConaughey will star in the lead role

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