The Boys fans left “nauseous” by Season 4 Sage scene

Daisy Phillipson
Sister Sage in The Boys Season 4

While there was plenty of violence and bloodshed in The Boys Season 4 Episode 4, one scene in particular involving Sister Sage has caused shock, leaving some fans feeling “nauseous.”

The new Supe has been a great addition to The Seven, hatching a devious plan for Homelander to cause chaos and Make America Super Again

But, being the smartest person in the world does come with its downsides. As was teased in The Boys Season 4 Episode 3, Sage’s demeanor changed when she hooked up with The Deep. 

When the camera pulled away, it showed what appeared to be a recently-used lobotomy tool on her desk. 

This was confirmed in the latest Episode 4, where Sage’s brain is back in working order. The Deep confronts her about her hot-and-cold temperament, so she opens up to him, explaining that her brain is capable of regenerating. 

So, while most humans might have a glass of wine to unwind after a long day, Sage gives herself temporary lobotomies to escape. 

She convinces him to perform the procedure on her, which involves pushing a metal spike known as an orbitoclast through her eye and into her brain and tapping the end of it with a surgical hammer. 

Sister Sage and The Deep in The Boys Season 4
A lot of viewers had to skip this scene

The scene is particularly gruesome, not least because of the sound design, bringing the lobotomy to life with The Boys’ well-used squelching sounds.

There’s been a strong reaction to the graphic moment, with one viewer writing on Reddit, “Was the lobotomy sex scene the one they were talking about filming the most disgusting thing yet? Because I’m actually a little nauseous from that one, Jesus f**king Christ.”

“I straight up had to leave the room… was not prepared for that s**t,” said another, while a third added, “I just skipped that. I don’t do eye s**t.”

They’re not the only one who had to skip past the scene, with another stating, “I skipped it. Too much for me.” 

“It was the first time in the series I had to look away,” commented a fifth, while a sixth said, “I’m usually fine with gore in this series, but even I had to look away.”

Not everyone agrees, however, with some fans believing there’s another moment in The Boys Season 4 that tops it: the Human Centipede homage

In case you need reminding, in Season 4 Episode 2, Frenchie and Kimiko find six versions of Splinter — a Supe with the power to self-replicate — all in a Human Centipede-style line, pleasuring each other while the front one masturbates to an image of Firecracker

The sequence is so graphic, it was banned by Amazon Prime Video India

Splinter in The Boys Season 4
The Human Centipede homage is notably graphic

In response to viewers voting Sage’s lobotomy as The Boys’ most disgusting scene, one fan countered, “My vote would still go to the Human Centipede salad toss.”

But another disagreed, “I’m good with watching Ant Man Thanos penis style and masturbating a**-eating Human Centipedes but watching a brain lobotomy is where I draw the line.”

The Boys Season 4 Episodes 1-4 are streaming on Amazon Prime Video now. You can find out when the next episode’s out in our Season 4 release schedule guide. You can also read about whether Soldier Boy will return, why Billy Butcher’s dying, and what’s the deal with Homelander’s milk obsession. And find all of the new TV shows coming to streaming this month.

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