Human Centipede director responds to cheeky homage in The Boys

Chris Tilly
The villain of The Human Centipede explains his plan.

The Boys recently paid tribute to cult horror movie The Human Centipede, and that film’s writer-director, Tom Six, thinks the homage is “great.”

The Human Centipede caused something of a stir when it hit screens back in 2009, thanks to the horror movie‘s shocking central concept, in which a mad scientist stitches his victims together — and there’s no nice way of saying this — mouth-to-anus.

The Boys also likes to shock viewers, and in Episode 2 of Season 4, the superhero show featured a scene that’s clearly inspired by The Human Centipede.

The sequence in question plays out midway through proceedings, when Frenchie and Kimiko chase Splinter into a locker room, only to find multiple clones of the character pleasuring themselves from behind.

We asked Tom Six — the twisted writer-director responsible for The Human Centipede — how he feels about the homage, and he said: “I think it’s great that after so many years, The Human Centipede is still going so strong. It has become part of pop culture and I noticed that a new generation discovered it, too, so I don’t think it will stop soon.”

He’s not wrong, as since hitting screens, The Human Centipede has appeared everywhere, being the “butt” of jokes on multiple late-night talk shows (as illustrated in the above video). It’s also been referenced in the likes of South Park, Family Guy, Community, 30 Rock, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Saturday Night Live, and Deadpool 2.

As for the Human Centipede homage in The Boys, it’s already been censored in India, helping the scene to become Season 4’s most talked-about moment.

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