The Acolyte confirms that one major Star Wars cameo won’t be happening

Jasmine Valentine
Jedi Master Sol in The Acolyte

New episodes of The Acolyte will be available to watch today, but now it’s been confirmed that one major Star Wars character won’t appear.

The Star Wars timeline is set to change for good thanks to The Acolyte, taking viewers to the early beginnings of 132 BBY.

Alongside introducing a range of new Star Wars characters, rumors of fan-favorite appearances have been circling since the show’s announcement — but it’s been confirmed that Jedi Master Yoda will not appear in The Acolyte.

“Can you imagine?” showrunner Leslye Headland said when asked if we could expect Yoda to appear in The Acolyte. “Can you imagine if they were like, ‘No problem, you can use Yoda.’

“No. We are pulling characters from the High Republic and characters from the EU, but that’s it,” she explained.

Given that the Jedi Order is such a big part of The Acolyte’s story, Yoda appearing in some shape or form didn’t seem too far-fetched. We know that he would have been around at this point in the High Republic Era, though his duties often took him elsewhere in the galaxy.

It’s still unclear how involved the Jedi Council will be in the show, which could have dictated whether Yoda would have even heard about the many mysterious Jedi murders that seem to be taking place at the time. Given the dangerous nature, it’s likely that Jedi don’t want information getting as far up as the high council.

However, even though Yoda won’t be seen, fans are split on whether or not being in The Acolyte is even the right thing to do.

“I think he should have a minor role. He’s an important part of the Jedi Order at this point,” one fan posted on Reddit, with a second agreeing: “It would be weird if he wasn’t in the show.”

A third weighed in: “I would honestly feel insulted if we didn’t see Yoda in some form for the show. We all know he should be a prominent figure in this timeline even if he isn’t grandmaster yet. To omit him entirely would be unimaginable.”

“I suspect Yoda will at least be mentioned at some point,” a fourth countered, with a fifth disagreeing: “Maybe but I don’t like it when these shows have characters just show up for the sake of it. Feels too much like Marvel when you had Stan Lee cameo’s in them.”

The Acolyte heads to Disney Plus from June 4. Find out about more upcoming Star Wars movies and TV shows, the best Star Wars quotes, and more TV shows streaming this month.