Sinister cameo spotted in Rick and Morty Season 7 episode

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Still from Rick and Morty Season 7 Episode 6Adult Swim

As you’d expect from Rick and Morty, the latest Season 7 Episode 6 features plenty of references, including a particularly sinister cameo from a person linked to one of Netflix’s most shocking series. 

Thanks to its smart writing and animated format, Rick and Morty is known to be a treasure trove of Easter eggs, pop culture references, and running jokes that play out in the background or burst onto the scene with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer. 

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The same goes for its celebrity cameos, with the likes of Keith David, Werner Herzog, Elon Musk, and, more recently, Hugh Jackman making an appearance in the beloved Adult Swim show. 

However, a familiar face in Season 7 Episode 6, ‘Rickfending Your Mort’, wasn’t portrayed by the man himself – and you’ll soon realize why. Warning: spoilers ahead!

Rick and Morty Season 7 Episode 6 has a sinister cameo

Rick and Morty Season 7 Episode 6 features an appearance from the late cannibalistic serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. 

You see, in the opening for ‘Rickfending Your Mort’, Morty asks a drunk Rick – who is most likely drowning his sorrows from the previous episode – to cash in one of his “Morty gets to choose the adventure” punch cards. 

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Not wanting to comply, Morty shows him a series of notes he’s made of all the adventures they’ve been on to prove he’s not lying about how many. But Rick is having none of it, and he portals away from the garage and comes back with the “Observer” – a sort of giant gemstone that can see and recall everything that’s ever happened across the multiverse. 

The Observer starts playing out their misadventures, making for a fantastic and hilarious anthology episode. But when Rick and Morty accidentally get the Observer killed, they’re taken to trial by the being’s planet, where a lawyer Observer attempts to prove the duo aren’t good people.

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A series of clips are played in court, one of which shows Rick gifting Morty a “gorilla gun” – but when Morty shoots a bully with it, the scene cuts to the pair in the principal’s office, alongside the bully in bandages and a wheelchair. “I thought it would turn him into a gorilla,” cries Morty, before a displeased Rick explains, “It was a gun that kills gorillas.”

The next clip sees Rick handing Morty a “bully gun,” and while Morty insists it doesn’t need explaining, when he’s confronted by a bully, he shoots himself, once again mistakenly thinking the weapon’s name is literal.

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After reviving Morty, Rick gives him a regular gun, saying: “I want to be really specific here. This is a gun that you only use to shoot bad people.” The scene cuts to Morty walking through the park on a date, when all of a sudden a man comes out of the bushes with a gun, telling them to hand over their money.

Morty pulls out the gun and shoots at him. But rather than administering a bullet, a pile of flesh comes out and forms into Jeffrey Dahmer, the serial killer who was known for eating his victims, and was the basis for the Netflix series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

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Jeffrey Dahmer in Rick and Morty Season 7Adult Swim

While it didn’t quite have the intended effect, the decoy did manage to distract the thief, giving Morty and his date time to run away. 

Fans found the sinister cameo hilarious, with one writing on Reddit: “That was a f*cking great episode, the Jeffrey Dahmer gun had me in stitches.” Another said: “‘A gun that you only use to shoot bad people.’ This might be the best joke in the season for me.”

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“I should have seen it coming but I still burst out laughing after being caught off guard,” added a third, while a fourth said on X/Twitter: “That Dahmer joke got me in stitches.”

Rick and Morty Season 7 Episodes 1-6 are on Adult Swim now, with Episode 7 arriving on November 26. You can read more of our Rick and Morty content below: 

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