Pokemon anime fans share bittersweet reactions about Ash Ketchum finally leaving the show

Laura Gray
Ash ketchum leading the Pokemon Anime

Pokemon anime fans were met with a surprise announcement that Ash Ketchum’s twenty-five-year journey will be coming to a close, and the news has received a bittersweet response from creators and viewers alike.

Generations of fans have been a part of the twenty-five-year journey following the Pokemon Anime’s determined protagonist, Ash Ketchum. From humble beginnings in Pallet Town to his recent World Championship win, there is no doubt the eternal ten-year-old has overcome some of the most intense challenges of being a Pokemon trainer.

However, in a recent announcement by The Pokemon Company, it has been confirmed that Ash’s journey is coming to a close. For many, this was a shocking update, as it has also been recently confirmed Ash would continue on in episodes following the conclusion of the World Coronation Series Tournament.

Instead of another season taking Ash to Gen 9’s Paldea region, the Pokemon anime will air eleven special episodes concluding his journey. This had led many fans to vocalize their thoughts and emotions on social media platforms.

Pokemon anime voice actors join fans in reacting to Ash’s departure

In a post shared by the Pokemon Twitter account, fans of the Pokemon anime can see the teaser trailer for Ash’s special episodes, as well as the first reveal of the new protagonists.

In the comments below the post, iconic voice actors that have been a part of the Pokemon anime chime in with their thoughts. Veronica Taylor, the original voice of Ash, states, “What a remarkable journey! 25 years of friendship, challenges, lessons learned, and so much joy! Bringing a voice to Ash was and continues to be a huge honor. Meeting so many of you along the way is truly the greatest honor of all. His story continues through each of you.”

Ash’s current voice actor Sarah Natochenny adds, “It’s been an extraordinary privilege to have been the English voice of Ash Ketchum for what will be 17 years. No matter what lies beyond his final chapter, he’ll live forever in the hearts of many generations to come. Cheers to new beginnings!”

Meanwhile, die-hard Pokemon fans have also offered their thoughts and feelings, with one fan saying, “It was a pleasure being able to grow up with an amazing anime series! I am excited to see where this all goes from here!” and another adding “It’s been one hell of a ride. Thanks for all you’ve done!!!”.

For many, Ash Ketchum and Pikachu have been a part of growing up, leaving a lasting impression on viewers all over the world. While Ash’s time is coming to a close, fans will have twenty-five years of amazing adventures to revisit. Hopefully, the next chapter in the Pokemon anime’s future will be as bright as Kanto’s rising star.

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