Pokemon anime ends Team Rocket after decades of defeat

Laura Gray
Pokemon Anime Aim to be a Master Episode 9 Team Rocket

Pokemon anime fans watching “Aim to be a Pokemon Master” have finally seen the end of Team Rocket, with episode 9 showing the iconic villains splitting up after a crushing defeat.

Just as every Pokemon anime fan has traveled with Ash and Pikachu for over two decades, viewers have also watched Team Rocket repeatedly attack the iconic young hero in every region he’s traveled to. While Team Rocket’s motives aren’t always clear, with some episodes focused on the team’s nefarious goals and others on them becoming accidentally helpful, they have become a beloved part of the show’s cast.

Fans have been speculating what would happen to Team Rocket after Ash retires from the anime after “Aim to be a Pokemon Master” concludes. Some have theorized the team will make debuts in the new Paldea anime, while others believe the team will finally realize they aren’t cut out for evil and redirect their efforts somewhere else.

It seems the latter could be more likely, as episode 9 of the Pokemon anime “Aim to be a Pokemon Master” has seen the team dissolve after another brutal defeat.

Pokemon Anime antagonists break up after being beaten

pokemon team rocket

In the new Pokemon anime episode, viewers see Team Rocket walking through a forest. Here, a Delibird finds them and delivers their Pokemon from previous regions (minus the companions they released), as well as lunch. Team Rocket leader Giovanni calls on Jesse and James to take over the care of their previous teammates, and Delibird leaves them for their reunion.

Team Rocket sees the sudden expansion of their resources as the perfect chance to finally catch Ash’s Pikachu, setting up an elaborate ruse to separate the pair and distract Misty and Brock.

The Pokemon anime antagonists nearly manage the feat until Latias steps in and brings Ash and Pikachu back together. Latias uses Psychic to toss Team Rocket into the sky, with the team landing on a grassy hill frustrated and defeated.

They begin to argue, accusing each other of being the reason for the failure, finally standing up and deciding that the failure was their last as a team. They then part ways in different directions, leaving their many Pokemon partners to look on in confusion.

With only two episodes of “Aim to be a Pokemon Master” left unaired, it is possible fans will see Jesse, James, and Meowth one last time. Hopefully, the Pokemon anime will offer fans an idea of what they each go on to do following their time traveling together.

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