Ash’s returning team revealed for Pokemon ‘Aim to be a Pokemon Master’ anime

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An early look at the Pokemon ‘Aim to be a Pokemon Master’ anime miniseries confirmed which members of Ash’s team will return in early episodes.

As Ash’s journey in the Pokemon anime slowly but surely comes to a close, fans have received more and more details about his upcoming send-off miniseries titled ‘Pokemon: Aim to be a Pokemon Master’ in Japan.

Early previews revealed that viewers could expect to see past traveling companions return throughout the series, such as Misty, Brock, and even Cilan from the Black & White anime series.

Now, more early images have revealed past members of Ash’s Pokemon team from across the series’ history will also return to the anime in some compacity alongside Pikachu.

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Ash’s past Pokemon return in new miniseries

A post on the Pokemonanime subreddit, revealed early screenshots of the first episode of the ‘Pokemon: Aim to be a Pokemon Master,’ which showed Ash together with four of his Pokemon from before the Pokemon Journeys series.

It seems the Pokemon from Ash’s team who will be returning, at least for the first episode, will be: Donphan from the Original Series, Sceptile from Ruby and Sapphire, Buizel from Diamond and Pearl, and Noiverm from XY.

It should come as no surprise that Pikachu will also remain in Ash’s team as he has done for every major season of the Pokemon anime since his introduction.

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Interestingly, there is still one Pokemon slot empty on Ash’s team though it remains to be seen just who will fill that slot. While it may be unlikely that Ash will catch any new Pokemon during this miniseries given its short runtime, it’s not impossible by any means.

Pokemon fans seem to be excited about this combination of Pokemon returning to Ash’s team. “YOOO THIS IS AMAZING! Oh my god, they’re actually making use of old favorites, Pokémon like Buizel and Donphan felt so cool to me as a kid it’s nice to see them again on a team setting…” said one anime fan.

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Of course, others hoped that even more of Ash’s team would return over the course of the miniseries. “Really hoping most, if not all of Ash’s pokemon (both on hand and released) are going to be featured throughout this 11-parter. Also looking forward to some fun team compositions and interactions.”

While it remains to be seen just how many more of Ash’s past Pokemon will return to the team, fans seem excited to see some old favorites get the spotlight one last time.