Ash and Pikachu leaving Pokemon anime as new protagonists are revealed

Ash and Pikachu in the Pokemon animeThe Pokemon Company

Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu will depart from the Pokemon anime series after more than two decades in the spotlight, with new protagonists taking his place.

Anyone who’s ever watched an episode of Pokemon will know who Ash Ketchum is, as the trainer from Pallet Town has been the face and heart of the main anime series for the last 25 years.

But it’s now been confirmed that Ash and his companion Pikachu will leave the Pokemon anime in early 2023, with their “final chapter” airing as an 11-episode conclusion to the Ultimate Journeys series.

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“Ash and Pikachu have had many encounters, many battles, and many exciting and memorable times,” a new trailer states. “Every adventure is another step on the long path to becoming a Pokemon Master, a dream that never ends.”

Ash and Pikachu’s final 11 episodes will begin airing in Japan on Friday, January 13, 2023. There are no international air dates yet.

Once Ash’s final chapter is over, another Pokemon series will begin starring two new characters – Liko and Roy – alongside Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s starter trio: Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly.

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“Across the wide world, a brand-new dream and adventure is about to begin,” the trailer teases, before showing an image of the new protagonists.

It’s not too surprising to see Ash depart from the main anime series – in November 2022, the show made headlines as the long-running protagonist finally achieved his goal of becoming a Pokemon Champion.

We’re sure the show will give Ash and Pikachu a fitting sendoff, with the promise that their final episodes will “offer a glimpse at what the future may hold for the world’s strongest trainer”.

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