Pokemon anime preview confirms even more fan-favorite characters are returning

Philip Trahan
pokemon anime ash and pikachu smiling header

The Japanese Magazine PASH! has released preview images for the Pokemon anime ‘Aim to be a Pokemon Master’ mini-series that confirms some exciting returns.

For those who haven’t heard, Ash Ketchum is leaving the Pokemon anime after one last adventure throughout the ‘Aim to be a Pokemon Master’ mini-series.

So far, only the first few episodes have aired in Japan, but viewers have been treated to surprise returns from fan-favorite characters like Misty, Brock, and members of Ash’s past teams.

Now, newly released teaser images have confirmed even more fan-favorite characters are returning in episode four, including the infamous Squirtle Squad from the Kanto region.

Pokemon anime teaser confirms Squirtle Squad return and more

A post on the Pokemonanime subreddit showed teaser images that were originally published in the Japanese Magazine, PASH!. The teaser images showed Ash riding on his Lapras from the Orange Islands series, the Squirtle Squad which includes Ash’s Squirtle from the Original Series, and Ash’s Oshawott from Black & White.

Anime fans were initially worried that episode four would mark the end of returning characters, but it looks as though it may simply focus on past members of Ash’s team rather than traveling companions like Misty and Brock.

What’s more is that Pokeaninews on Twitter, who’s a trusted source of early Pokemon anime news, has teased that both Ash’s Charizard and Bulbasaur will also make an appearance alongside the Squirtle Squad.

Naturally, fans are excited to see the Kanto favorites return alongside Ash’s Oshawott from Unova. “YOOO, LAPRAS IS BACK! It’s been over 20 years since we last saw it but I’m so happy we’re getting more of it in this series,” said one fan.

Other fans expressed hope that with these fan-favorite Pokemon returning, there will be an episode dedicated to all of Ash’s past traveling companions getting together to celebrate his victory in the Master’s Eight Tournament.

While details about the latter half of the mini-series are still unknown, it seems likely that ‘Aim to be a Pokemon Master’ will continue to celebrate Ash’s 25-year-long journey with tons of fan service.