Pokemon anime fans want producers to reverse “dumb” Misty storyline

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Pokemon anime fans are urging producers to reverse a plot twist experienced by Misty in the show, which separated her from her favorite Pokemon.

Pokemon Advance Battle Season 8 first aired between 2004 and 2006, depending on your region, which might sound like a long time ago for modern-day Pokemon Ultimate Journeys fans.

Back then, it was the third season of Pokemon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire, featuring favorites such as Ash, Misty, Brock, and others.

Not all original viewers may be revisiting the old journeys of the Kanto region anytime soon, but new fans can still experience it on Amazon Prime Video and Pokemon TV.

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Pokemon anime fans want Misty & Togetic reunion

That said, one Reddit user has been rewatching episodes and recalls a strange plot twist for Misty that they just cannot get their head around.

A Redditor by the name of Blast_Burn_ said: “This plot to separate Misty and Togetic was so unnecessary. I don’t know what kind of producer had these dumb ideas.”

Those who followed the show from the early days will remember Misty caught and trained Togepi from the very beginning, making their separation a particularly emotional moment.

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Many in the comments agreed, explaining they did not understand the decision at the time.

“Misty getting rid of Togetic made no sense,” a comment reads.

“[This] caused her to get an Azurill which no one remembers and was forgotten when she returned in Sun and Moon,” a second fan wrote.

A third trainer wanted her to return in Diamond & Pearl, with an alternate plot: “A weird thought, but Imagine if Misty kept Togetic and evolved it into a Togekiss, and had Misty returned during Diamond & Pearl she could have given Togekiss to Dawn because it gained an interest in contests or something.”

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Another user said: “Let’s bring back Misty just to get rid of one of her Pokemon… It’s just a weird idea.”

Whether or not there will be space in future seasons for Misty to be reunited with her beloved Togetic remains to be seen, but these suggestions will certainly be food for thought for producers. The last time Misty and Brock appeared in the Pokemon anime, they made cameos to the Alola region.

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