Pokemon anime fans worried Brock & Misty already gone after episode 4 teaser

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Pokemon anime fans are starting to get worried after the preview for episode 4 makes no mention of Brock and Misty following their return.

Ash’s send-off mini-series titled ‘Aim to be a Pokemon Master’ is shaping up to be a great love letter for long-time anime fans, with beloved members from Ash’s journey returning to the spotlight.

In episodes two and three, Brock and Misty make a return to travel with Ash one last time, with Cilan from Pokemon Black & White also making a return as well.

Unfortunately, fans have started to get worried after a translated teaser for episode 4 fails to mention Brock, Misty, or Cilan at all.

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Are Brock & Misty already leaving Ash?

A post on the Pokemonanime subreddit revealed a rough translation of the synopsis for episode 4 of the ‘Aim to be a Pokemon Master’ anime, which has caused quite a stir among the community.

The translated synopsis apparently says the episode focuses on Ash and Pikachu, who “visit a certain mountain in order to see the rare ‘Magikarp Waterfall.’ Along the way the two meet a powerful Beartic who’s freezing everything around it due to some kind of trouble it’s in.

At first glance, the synopsis almost sounds like classic anime filler, which made some fans nervous thanks to the mini-series’ brief 11-episode run time. However, fans also immediately noticed that Brock and Misty were not mentioned at all in the synopsis.

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“I will have a heart attack if Misty and Brock are gone already and the episode focuses on a random Pokémon,” said one fan. Another wondered if the mini-series was already headed downhill. “Ep 2 was at the level I was expecting, and frankly it exceeded my expectation…I’m now terrified it’ll be downhill from here.”

Of course, some viewers are still holding out hope that a companion will pop up again or that the episode will call back to previous fan-favorite adventures. “Honestly, I think people are over-exaggerating the “filler talk”. I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up being a callback to Snow Way Out.”

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Only time will tell if episode 4 of ‘Aim to be a Master’ really doesn’t involve Misty and Brock in any way, but hopefully fans are still able to enjoy the brief return they get before the series concludes.